Mercury Retrograde 2022

By Souls of Silver Mercury is the fast-moving planet that oversees communication, transit, and technology. It is named for the Roman god who functioned as...

Intelligence Types And How To Use Them

By Souls of Silver When you hear the word intelligence, you might instantly think of IQ tests. Intelligence is frequently characterized as our intellectual potential,...

Energy Healing That Nourishes Your Soul And Body

By Souls of Silver We all learned in high school physics class that matter is made up of molecules. Even something solid, such as a...

Lovesickness: The Fool’s Gold Of Love

By Souls of Silver Lovesickness is a term that refers to the negative elements of love. This sickness encompasses all of the unpleasant sensations you...

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Twin Flames And Their Obstacles

By Souls of Silver Every connection will have something to teach us, and twin flames are frequently thought to be the most instructive. Some people...

Mercury Retrograde 2022

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