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The 2022 Cancer New Moon- What Does It Mean?

The Cancer New Moon for this summer will rise on the 28th of June. And it will be bringing with it a big opportunity to immerse ourselves in the season’s magic and warmth. The New Moon in June will definitely assist us in introspection, which would further inspire us to focus on the feelings we have. We will also be able to nurture the softer parts of us- while connecting without hearts. When we start understanding what the New Moon in June actually means, we will be able to use its magic to our advantage. 

Cancer New Moon Has A Lot Of Opportunities For All Of Us

From an astrological point of view, new moons- especially Cancer New Moons are all about fresh starts. This definitely makes sense, as the phase of the moon goes on to mark the reset point for the lunar cycle of each month. Due to this, the dark-skied lunations also bring an energy that is conducive for one to set up their intentions. It would also help one plant seeds that would define our future endeavors. In fact, one could also kick off new cycles in their life. Additionally, New moons have traditionally been considered to be periods of introspection that helps us be in touch with our intuitive side. 

Cancer New Moon

The Cancer New Moon in June has beautiful magic that surrounds it. As it stands, this is going to be this year’s only new moon that will take place in Cancer. This is important to note due to Cancer being the only sign of the zodiac that finds itself ruled by the moon. This means that the lunation will be taking place in its astrological framework. Since the moon and the sun would be aligned in the sign of the crab, one could also start noticing multiple themes like comfort, family, and nostalgia. 

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In general, the Cancer’s energy, especially in the Cancer New Moon, is all about bringing out our inner crab. This would help us be swept back gently.  This is also the period when one would suitably retreat into the safety of their protective shell. So if you find yourself needing some spiritual time for self-reflection, this would your golden period.



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