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If You Dream Like This, You’re Most Probably An Empath

By Souls of Silver

Empaths usually perceive the world differently. They take people’s, even a stranger’s feelings into consideration and absorb their energies like a sponge. 

These folks are born with the innate ability and become aware of it during their adolescent years. If you are not born with it then no matter how much you practice, you will never be a true empath.

Empathic people not only understand how a person is feeling, but they feel and experience the same kind of emotions with them. This makes it easy for them to understand if a person is angry or sad even if he/she is hiding his/her feelings.

Their hypersensitivity affects empaths in different ways. A strong and strange relation is created between them and their dreams.

Empaths do not forget their dreams like we do. They remember it clearly as if it took place in reality.This phenomenon is called lucid dreaming.

Their dreams make it easier for them to understand real life situations because they get a lot of signs while they are dreaming.

They also get nightmares where they are being pushed from a higher place. Sickness or being persecuted are also recurrent features of dreams empathic people tend to have.

Empaths strongly connect with their dreams while most people just see dreams that have no impact on them.

Moreover, they often feel more perturbed by the memories of their dreams than others tend to do.

They see pleasing dreams as well, though infrequently which they do find difficult to examine. And, since they feel everything with higher intensity, they feel happiness with more intensity too.

Thus, dreams, if you are an empath, have a major impact on your life, be it night or hours of the day!



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