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Cancer Season 2022 Is Upon Us- Things To Know

By Souls of Silver

When one looks up to Cancer, or when one steps into Cancer Season, it is simply a reminder that we have loyalty within us. It reminds us that we also have the ability to stand up for those we love. And, it helps us understand that we have the bravery and courage that is required to stand up in the first place.

Remember, it is not about being the biggest bully in the playground. The Crab is not really the most dangerous creature that one would find in the sea. Despite its size, it is still a protector- something the crab’s image doesn’t testify to. The meaning is simple- we are more than our appearances and it is time to show that.

The Cancer Season Will Bring Joy Into Our Lives

Remember, there will be times in your life when you feel unworthy, small, or even unfit to handle something. But this is when Cancer season strikes up. This is your time to shake all off your fears, your insecurities, as well as connect with the power that lies inside your heart. The crab is strong due to its strong heart. Its ferocity isn’t derived from its physical body- for it is more than that. As our hearts keep expanding while we connect to our loved ones, we start finding out compassion, courage, and strength. This is when we find the strength to stand up for what and who we believe in. 

The initiation of Cancer season has always been a time of sanctity. This is because, in tropical astrology, the season aligns with the Summer Solstice. For those who are unaware, the Solstice is a really high point of energy in our year. In this period, we finally get rid of the shroud of darkness. And soon, we find the healing powers of Mother Nature that are at their strongest. When we start connecting with the heartfelt as well as the compassionate energies from this season, we start aligning ourselves better. This allows us to receive the healing vibrations from the Solstice. 

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Along with the Solstice, the Cancer Season of 2022 is definitely a pretty busy period of time. It brings forth a Neptune Retrograde, a Chiron Retrograde, along with the New Moon. This will also result in the opening of the Gateway of Sirius- which happens during the alignment of the Sun with Sirius.



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