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Intelligence Types And How To Use Them

By Souls of Silver

When you hear the word intelligence, you might instantly think of IQ tests. Intelligence is frequently characterized as our intellectual potential, which is something we are born with, can be tested, and is difficult to modify.

However, in recent years, new perspectives on intelligence have developed. The hypothesis of many intelligence types, presented by Harvard psychologist Howard Gardner, is one such concept.

Humans have different intelligence types, namely–emotional, mental, intuitive, and somatic. Many individuals have developed some types more and underdeveloped the rest. 

Understand What Type Of Intelligence You Mainly Use

To understand which type of intelligence you possess here’s a short test.


Mental Intelligence:

Ask yourself if you…

…are a logical thinker?

…are comfortable making conclusions based on correct factual information?

…trust science?

…are curious and tend to solve things mentally?

…are skeptical of something you cannot explain logically?

…can distinguish between propaganda, manipulation, and facts?

…are discerning?

…are someone who disconnects from reality?

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Intuitive Intelligence:

Ask yourself if you…

…get spontaneous, helpful data flashes?

…can differentiate between “making up things” and instinct that just “drops in”?

…have others praise your intuition.

…know things that you could not know, and back up with complete information?

…see visions or dreams?

…can visit multi-dimensional realms that others do not seem to access or can see/sense spiritual creatures that are not visible to other people?

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Emotional Intelligence:


Ask yourself if you can…

…read and analyze your own emotions as well as others’ emotions accurately?

…adjust to your feelings, glean valuable knowledge from how you feel emotionally. Can you interpret what your feelings are guiding you to do?

…set boundaries between your feelings and other people’s emotions?

…respond to the things you read in others with empathy and without their feelings making you pull away, wish to fix them/their problems, or drown in their feelings?

…evade either repressing feelings or getting overwhelmed with them?

…care about their pain and still feel the urge to ease their suffering?

…feel your heart open/respond to heart-opening with your courage and holy activism when facing unjustness?

Somatic Intelligence:

Ask yourself if you are…

…conscious of your physical sensations regularly?

…in touch with what your gut says?

…grounded, level-headed, and firmly rooted on earth?

…able to ask your body simple questions and analyze what your body is saying with confidence?

…able to notice subtle body symptoms or signs before they turn into big ones?

Mental intelligence helps you consider pros and cons, track data, assess risks based on quantitative models and stats and depend on data, science, and math. 

How Can You Use The Different Types?

Psychics or Intuitives often have a highly developed instinctive intelligence. Intuitive intelligence usually shows up as direct knowing, suspicions, precognitive dreams, and imaginative breakthroughs. So, individuals with very developed intuitive intellect can ask simple yes/no questions and receive an intuitive answer. This can be added with other intelligence to make the best decision possible.  

You can use all of your intelligence by taking time and following a simple flowchart. When facing a problem, tap into your intuition. Listen to what your gut tells you. Then listen to your emotions. If you feel happy, sad, or upset with what your intuition says. Then, access whatever you know or get complete facts about the problem. Then, make a well-informed decision. It takes practice, however, as you get the hang of it your quality of life will improve drastically. You will be able to access all the tools you possess. It will help you to cut out the liars, and manipulators. You will make healthy and balanced decisions. Therefore, you will be able to shut out toxic people in your life.



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