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2022 Pluto Retrograde

By Souls of Silver

Pluto Retrograde is usually a time for you to think on themes of power and control in your life. Because of favorable parallels to Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter, 2022 Pluto Retrograde is exceedingly fortunate. It implies you can make good changes in your professional and romantic lives, your money, and your mindset. Spiritual progress and soul expansion will be aided by the removal of harmful habits and obsessions in particular.

Pluto Retrograde in motion is a five-month cycle that occurs every year during the Sun’s opposition. It is less concerning than the uncommon inner planet retrogrades, as it is with all outer planets. When Pluto Retrograde begins, it is a good time to think about power and influence concerns in your lives.

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When Does The Pluto Retrograde Begin?

2022 Pluto Retrograde

This year, Pluto Retrograde begins on April 29. It will align flawlessly with the US natal Pluto once again. The planet first aligned on 2-22-22. Its return will help you get rid of secrets and face your demons. 

After 2022, Pluto will Retrograde just two more times in Capricorn, an Earth sign. So, Pluto will finally move on to a different sign after more than 10 years of retrograding in Capricorn. However, the lessons that Pluto Retrograde brings will only get more intense.

Pluto is the planet that governs the cycle of life (death and resurrection). During its stay in Capricorn, Pluto brought many changes to big corporations, financial institutions, governments, and long-established businesses.  

Pluto has a lot left to do. However, it is up to us to fully use Pluto’s influence to make the necessary transformations in different aspects of our lives.

What Does This Mean? 

2022 Pluto Retrograde

Pluto Retrograde is the perfect time to start our transformative journey

It’s time to let go of those who have manipulated or dominated you. It’s time to let go if you’ve been overly controlling of individuals or situations. This isn’t the time for power tripping; it’s time to get rid of things. Unfortunate incidents and recurring themes will highlight which of your dominating behaviors, compulsions, addictions, or biases must be overcome.

You may be compelled to let go if you have been too suffocating and domineering in a relationship, hanging on too tightly. If food or drug-related obsessive or compulsive behavior has taken over your life, events may force a change. The cleansing or withdrawal period, such as quitting cold turkey, will be as extreme as the intensity of your self-destructive habits.

Perhaps secrecy, distrust, gambling, racism, or pornography have taken over and are preventing you from progressing spiritually. Believe in your spirit guides and consider the lengths to which your forefathers and mothers went to have their DNA represented in you. Destroying things that hold you captive can boost your spiritual force and lead to personal mastery.

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How To Properly Used The Energy Of 2022 Pluto Retrograde

All retrogrades are at their strongest when they begin and towards their end. The period between April 29 and October 8 is the best period for you to use the energy of the 2022 Pluto Retrograde. Think about your life since October 2021, have you made any changes in your life since then? Have all the changes been positive? If they haven’t been positive, then take the time to undo the changes and bring positivity back into your life.

Pluto’s energy will help you face your shadow side. This is a good time to show the world a new side of you. Face your fears. Do not run away from difficult situations. Let go of things that are not in your control. Holding onto things will only make you feel frustrated and sad. Step up and take control of your life. Pluto will help you kill your old self and emerge a new stronger person like a Phoenix rising from its ashes.



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