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Crystal Break: What To Do When This Happens

There are various incidents where you can see your crystal break. Sometimes you can feel complete with the gems while other times you might feel that the gems are complete with work meant for us. Sometimes you can feel these gems absorb the toxicity around us and get full of it. Always keep in mind that your gemstone is an ally and will assist you in healing, growth, ascension, and manifestation. 

You should always know what to do when you see a crystal break.

Crystal Break: Why Does It Happen?

It is not necessary that you’ll see a crystal break due to physical injury. It can happen while you are meditating or practicing a ritual. There are several reasons to see a crystal break and it might happen without any reason of yours.

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Five Reasons To See A Crystal Break:

Crystal Break

1: Toxic And Negative Environment

Gems will bring balance and alignment to your life and will absorb the toxicity and negative energy around you. It might be too much for the gemstone to hold and it might cause a break due to extensive pressure. 

2: Crystal Break While Healing

If you see your crystal break while doing energy work, you should stop working with it for healing. It has served its purpose and has absorbed all the energy it can.

3: Unaligned Frequency:

Gemstones have their own frequency. It might be possible that your energy does not align with the frequency of the gem. The difference in the level of frequency can cause a break.

4: Completion:

Crystal will guide you through different seasons in your life. When you alchemize the lessons, a break will show you that you have integrated these lessons and help you release everything with gratitude.

5: Overworking Your Crystals

You can have a favorite crystal and it might lead to overworking or overcharging the gem. You should give a rest to your gem after a proper workout. Avoid giving too much power to the crystal. You should also have a good intention for the crystal in alignment. 

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What To Do After A Crystal Break

Crystal Break

You might feel sad after your crystal breaks and such emotion is quite natural.

Do these things after your crystal breaks:

1: Take some time out and sit with your gem. Appreciate everything that it has done for you and acknowledge it.

2: Bury the pieces in your flower bed.

3: If you do not want to let it go, then smudge the gem with white sage and keep it outside in the sun. It will recharge the crystal.

4: If the break is clean, you can share it with a loved one or a friend. They will also benefit from the vibrations of the crystal.

5: Add the pieces to a crafting set and use the pieces to decorate a and.

You can choose whatever you want with the broken gem. It still bears the ability to bring you joy, back when it was whole. Stones can become very tired when you overuse them. Cherish your relationship with the crystal and acknowledge it regularly. Appreciate the help that it provides and work together to attain peace. Recharge, clean, and pay attention to your crystal on a regular basis. 



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