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Libra Full Moon 2022: What To Expect

By Souls of Silver

While all Full Moons are lovely in their own right, lighting the night sky with a silvery glow, there’s nothing quite like a Libra Full Moon when it comes to romance. Libra energy is a captivating force to behold, evoking beauty, balance, love, and friendship, and as the Moon passes through this lovely sign, we may all benefit from its calming properties. The Libra Full Moon appeared on April 16 and filled the air with sweetness, which was fortunate for us. As the cosmos moves our emphasis to things of the heart, this cosmic atmosphere is great for embracing romance in all of its manifestations. Libra symbolizes the energy aim of equality, fairness, and emotionally balanced behavior in the zodiac. Our emotions are prone to ebb and flow with the wind under the influence of this sign. 

What Does The Libra Full Moon Bring This Year?

Libra Full Moon

While finding a position of balance and logic might be tough, the Full Moon in Libra signals a time when we should be thinking clearly. Frustrations over what appears to be unjust will arise quickly, but making the most of this journey entails controlling our emotions and taking the high road. More celestial support will materialize behind the scenes while Lady Luna shines brightly above in all her beauty, owing to a friendly partnership between glittering Jupiter and magnificent Neptune.

These celestial bodies will produce an upbeat and kind atmosphere, allowing you to engage with the notion of real love. Fortunately, as the universe searches for methods to dissolve our borders and worries about dating and intimate contact, bonding with others will likewise seem more natural.

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Make Peace Your Priority

Thanks to a bit of help from the celestial nodes of fate, there will be plenty of hope for the future right now. These vibrations will make you wish for happier days ahead while thinking about who or what may provide you the most delight. Don’t be scared to murmur these dreams into the sky, for the cosmos will seek out ways to grant heartfelt requests.  

Though there is plenty to be thankful for during this Full Moon, you’ll want to keep a check on your emotions and interactions as the Sun and Moon create a tense T-square with moody Pluto. This celestial dance may obstruct your capacity to go forward with that special someone, particularly if you haven’t moved over past wounds. Try not to hold the acts of a former partner against anyone you’re associated with now. Always remember that your past doesn’t determine your present. You may also need to recognize where personal trust difficulties have surfaced, and make a point of learning from and moving past whatever baggage you’re presently holding.

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Do Not Get Entangled In Fiery Passions

Libra Full Moon

Venus the planet that rules Libra may be all about love, but the Libra Full Moon is not. This New Moon wants us to look for stability, consistency, and peace in all connections and bonds. It wants us to think about our future and what is best for us. Setting boundaries is an important task that should be done during this period. Cutting off toxic people in your life will bring a sense of peace and clarity. Do not chase wild romantic connections as they will only bring misery and anguish. However, do invest in potential relationships as it will yield favorable results.  

The Libra New Moon will bring with it realizations. You will experience moments where everything clicks, and you can see the bigger picture. You will realize that some people may not be what they seem to be. Let go of people who bring nothing but emotional distress. Letting go of people that do not bring you contentment is not a loss. Take control of your life. The 2022 Libra New Moon brings a sense of stability and clarity. Use it to your advantage. The changes you make will give rise to doubts and discomfort but do not fret. Trust the choices you make and keep moving.



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