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Libra Full Moon 2022

By Souls of Silver

Libra Full Moon appears in mid-April, so you will feel its energy for 4 nights before and after, at the very least. A lot of tension and stress will be released before the Libra Full Moon rises on April 16-17, 2022. 

If you feel tensions rising the week before the peak, it is an indication that something in your life seeks to be felt and released. You will have to cut to move on.

Eris is the most active planet during the Libra Full Moon. It is a minor planet in our solar system. Since we consider Pluto to be a proper planet we must also consider Eris. 

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Libra Full Moon Dominated By Eris

Libra full moon

In Greek mythology, Eris is the powerful Goddess of Strife and Discord. Do not allow her name to intimidate you. 

Eris uses her feminine intuitions as a warrior. She does not use her masculine instincts. She follows her heart and her heart is a fiery one. Her strength and courage come from her emotions. She is a mother who lifts a car to rescue her child. A witch who is powerful and confident. She is a woman who understands she is sensual and owns it.

Working with Eris will help us embrace our dark feminine side. A side that society does not wish to accept. The dark feminine qualities include possessiveness, manipulation, and jealousy. However, it also includes self-assurance, sexual expression, alchemy, magic, and transformation.

Acknowledge And Accept Your Darker Feminine Side

Embracing our darker feminine side helps us balance our feminine traits. So that we aren’t nurturing and agreeable always but also stand our ground and accept ourselves gracefully. 

Eris creates strife and discord in situations where we must accept our dark feminine side. It demands us to remove something toxic and unhealthy for us. Sometimes it means that we need to assert ourselves more. Libra Full Moon’s energy will act as a guide if you let the Universe open a path for you. Accepting your sexuality and being confident is a good way to feel powerful and happy.

Under this Moon, Eris might be stoking the fire, but whatever damage she left in her wake is a notification for everyone to discover a new route to peace. 

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Bring Balance Into Your Life

Libra full moon

Libra is mainly about bringing balance and harmony into the world, so rest assured that a celestial force is on our flank.

Because Libra is the sign that governs how we interact with others, this Full Moon may bring our relationships into sharp focus.

Please remember that the majority of the individuals we meet in life may be viewed as reflections. They mirror the areas of our lives where we need to improve or celebrate. However, because of the cosmic influences surrounding the 2022 Libra Full Moon, we must establish ourselves, create clear limits, and guarantee that the constant flow of passing and receiving in our relationships is equal. Keep the notion of peace in mind no matter what happens. Know anything which goes wrong, any “discord,” is merely a chance to balance the exchange of power flowing in or out.

A Full Moon is a strong occasion of liberation and conclusions, as they always are. Use the energies of the April Full Moon to put an end to everything in your life that no longer brings you joy. Trust the knowledge that resides inside you to make the best decisions.



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