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Build Self-Awareness And Make Tough Decisions In Time

You have surely heard about self-awareness, but do you know what it is?

Do you have enough self-awareness and how does it help you make decisions?

If we put it simply, self-awareness is just a process of discovery of exploring your inner knowings. It is a journey to perceive your thoughts and feelings and to arrive at the moments when your “light bulbs” click.

More Self-Awareness Lead To Better Decision Making

You must have felt the discomfort of starting over something after you hit a dead end. These experiences make you question “why” or “what went wrong”. 


Having self-awareness will assist you in avoiding these pitfalls. You will be able to take in more information from different parts of yourself and eliminate the false routes that lead nowhere. You become more congruent.

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Energy and clarity are cleared when you align more parts of yourself. Your decisions become faster, long-lasting, and easier.

How To Grow Your Self-Awareness?

There are 5 lenses that are considered to be the structures of consciousness. You can describe them in different ways of thinking and being, which will eventually lead to self-awareness.

Each of the lenses represents a layer of transformation or a new way of knowing. One lens might give birth to the next after it begins to disintegrate. It calls for evolution to another form.

1: The Archaic Lens

This area is all about knowledge and the connection you can have with something bigger than yourself. It can include nature, divine beings, or even your preferred religion.

2: The Magic Lens

The perspective of this lens is based on the information and can incorporate concepts like a ritual, belonging, sensation and intuition.

3: The Mythical Lens

This point of view involves a way of knowing or being that is based on archetypes, myths, roles, and different parts of ourselves.

4: The Mental Lens

This is basically a place of knowing and being, based on sequential, logical, mechanistic, and critical thinking.

5: The Integral Lens

The sum of all these different points of view comes together and forms a new way of being or knowing called the Integral structure of consciousness. This is basically a place where all is one and everything is affected by one another. People hold multiple realities at the deepest level of their being.

Your goal must be to reach the Integral Lens. This will bring you a greater sense of connection and self-awareness. Once you achieve this, you can realize that the whole is way more than the sum of all its parts.

You can think about the example of a puzzle. You can see all the pieces individually but once you place all the pieces together, you can see a clearer picture. 

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Once you see through all the different lenses, you can have a kaleidoscopic view of the entire picture that calls for new paradigms for working and living together.

How Can You Achieve The Integral Lens?

You need to take some time to look through all these lenses to expand your self-awareness. This will help you take better actions and make improved decisions.

We will now discuss how you can tap into all these lenses.

1: Consider a recent choice that you made. Name/ Number your choices.

2: Pick a physical location in your room for the different options and move to them.

3: Think about your options and ask yourself about the thoughts you are having. What are the different feelings that you are experiencing and what is the story that you are telling yourself? You should also notice the different things when you try on this option.

4: Do this for all the other options and locations.

5: Now, find a new place that signifies something that is a mixture of all the options. 

6: Sit down and write everything down. This exercise will help you make certain decisions where you will feel more aware of your surroundings and act in a way that supports more positive outcomes.



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