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Lovesickness: The Fool’s Gold Of Love

By Souls of Silver

Lovesickness is a term that refers to the negative elements of love. This sickness encompasses all of the unpleasant sensations you could have if your passion doesn’t go as expected. So it does not have the pleasant side effects of mutual attachment. When everything goes right, love may be a great experience. If your romance takes a more rocky course, you may realize that your inner compass needle swings more toward utter anguish than ecstatic ecstasy.

LovesicknessPerhaps you have yet to muster the bravery to proclaim your love, or perhaps you have summoned the courage to convey your sentiments only to be rejected. When you’ve fallen in love with someone you know you can’t be with, they could be your boss, teacher, best friend, or a person who does not believe in love anymore, it makes you lovesick. A sudden and unwelcome breakup can therefore cause emotional agony and physical discomfort.  

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What Is Love Sickness?

Being lovesick means that you are so consumed by the love you hold for someone else that you cannot function normally. You burn only for them. Their thoughts and actions are everything you care about. When they are not around you, you miss them. Research suggests that lovesickness is a real mental health condition. 

Like broken heart syndrome, lovesickness has physical symptoms too. The symptoms include fever, loss of appetite, agitation, headache, palpitation, and rapid breathing. Nuñez emphasizes that being lovesick doesn’t mean you’re in love. When you are lovesick, you are often looking at the one you obsess over through rose-tinted glasses. Lovesickness is an extreme infatuation.

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Signs That You Are Suffering From Lovesickness:

Irrational behavior

Lovesickness makes you lose your sense of reality. It makes you do things that you normally would never. Depending upon the intensity of your infatuation you may just think about them for the better part of the day or stalk them home. 


lovesickness presents a range of symptoms, both physical and mental. Nausea is one of them. The feeling of butterflies in your stomach or the actual urge of throwing up is a good indication of being lovesick. The object of your affection triggers anxiety and obsession inside you and your body does its best to cope with the feelings. You could lose your appetite too.

Difficulty sleeping

Thoughts of the one you ‘love’ could keep you up all night long. Difficulty in sleeping is a very common symptom. Nuñez states that lovesickness and sleeplessness go hand in hand. Fatigue follows the day after. It is like being drunk all night and having a bad headache. The longer you remain lovesick the more tired you get.


Like a baby who has not slept well at night, a lovesick person is cranky after waking up. You feel frustrated that you cannot change the status of your love life. So, naturally, over time you become irritable and behave irrationally. You could lash out at others who just happen to be around you. 



Lovesickness brings headaches with it. They are triggered by sleeplessness and contribute to headaches and irritability. 


All-consuming thoughts of this person make you feel like a different person. It blurs the line between reality and delusion. 

Attachment styles

Lovesick people usually do not have a secure attachment style as they mainly have an anxious attachment style.

Controlling behavior

The lack of control in their love life may trigger them to exert their powers elsewhere. Therefore, they start exhibiting dominating behavior. The most common ways to regain control are through cutting hair or dyeing hair.

Projecting fantasies

Their fantasies engulf them, and they begin to project them. They obsess with the idea of the person rather than who the person truly is. 

How To Get Through It

1- End all contact with them.

2- Avoid social media

3- Understand your thought patterns and cycles and break them.

4- Take everything they say with a pinch of salt.

5- Take a break. A change in environment will help clear your head.

6- Set standards for yourself. You deserve the best so accept nothing less.

7- Make your self-worth your priority.

Love is a feeling which should not make you feel distressed and anxious. Anything that makes you feel otherwise is not love. Love is calm, clear, patient, forgiving, peaceful, and more. Sometimes love is painful but not always. Lovesickness is very common and it passes with time, and help.



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