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Peacock And Its Spiritual Significance

By Souls of Silver

The Peacock has been a symbol of good and evil, death and resurrection, wicked pride, and overweening vanity in many civilizations at various periods. The peacock has appeared prominently in folktales and fables, as well as innumerable superstitions that persist today.


Peacocks were first domesticated in India. Their domestication can be traced back to ancient times. They are referenced in the Bible as part of the wealth brought to King Solomon’s palace. They’re linked to Alexander the Great as well.

It was formerly thought that the mystical bird was resistant to harmful animals and plants and that the poisons it ingested were transformed into the vibrant colors of its feathers.

Peacocks represent rebirth and regeneration, as well as monarchy, respect, dignity, and integrity. They’re also a symbol of love, passion, and beauty. Peacocks are revered in Hinduism and Buddhism and are venerated alongside their deities.

Significance Of Peacock In Ancient Times

Peacock is a symbol of prosperity, fertility, and abundance in Vietnam and China. The Chinese thought that the Peacock’s appearance might even cause a woman to get pregnant. 

Peacocks are linked to Goddess Guan Yin, the deity of mercy, kindness, empathy, and compassion. “Kwan-Yin” is the name given to the same goddess in Japanese culture.

Zeus And Hera


In ancient Greece, peacocks were birds of paradise. Peacocks devoted themselves to Hera. She is the Greek goddess of family and marriage. Hera was the wife of Zeus, the Gods’ monarch. Zeus once had feelings for a young woman named Io. Io served her, as her first priestess.

Their affair enraged Hera. Hera transformed Io into a Heifer. She then assigned her servant, Argus, to watch after the Heifer. Argus, a hundred-eyed all-seeing demon, completely dedicated himself to his mistress.

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Hera’s actions displeased Zeus. He decided to help Io escape. To do so, he called his messenger Hermes and told him to murder Argus. Hermes approached Argus and began to mesmerize him with his flute. Hermes murdered him while he was sleeping and rescued Io.

The loss of her faithful servant deeply upset Hera. So, she took his eyeballs and placed them on peacock feathers to immortalize his loyalty.

Peacock’s Energy At Home

In esoteric language, the peacock symbolizes protection, good fortune, and bravery. It also tells us that there are moments when we need to develop, spread our tail, and glow, displaying our best qualities to the world.

Peacocks are emblematic of beauty, much as ravens are for intelligence, falcons for power, and cranes for grace. Peacocks have unmatched multicolored plumage. 

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These birds, on the other hand, do not only represent external beauty, but also inside beauty, such as the beauty of ideas, emotions, and intelligence. The peacock spirits think that a person’s heart must be as lovely as their face to be genuinely attractive. These birds are also symbols of monarchy, purity, and immortality. In addition to their beauty. Peacock spirit animals help those who are creative, clever, and want to make the world a better place.



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