toxic relationship

Say No To Losing Yourself- Say No To a Toxic Man!

By Souls of Silver We often underestimate the capabilities of a toxic man in our lives. We think it is okay to lose ourselves in...

Do You Know What Is Your Unique Gift As An Empath?

By Souls of Silver Most people just assume empaths can feel and experience the emotions of the other person. The fact is empaths not only...
higher self

How Can You Reconnect With Your Higher Self In The Middle Of A Crisis?

By Souls of Silver Where do we go when the rest of the world is testing us every day? Unsure occasions put us in extraordinary...
emotional healing

5 Signs You’re In Need Of Emotional Healing

By Souls of Silver Be it childhood trauma, abusive relationships, or other difficult experiences in life, we have experienced some kind of emotional trouble. People...

15 Toxic Relationship Signs That Can End Your Relationship

By Souls of Silver Relationships are rarely perfect. They have their strengths, they have their weaknesses. When you’re in a healthy relationship, the glow is...

Vivid Dreams Of Empaths Reveal Their Heightened Senses

By Souls of Silver The world is a bit different for empaths. It’s not because they live in different realities. Their immense power to absorb...

6 Traits Every Empath Tries To Conceal

By Souls of Silver Empaths have a heightened sense of feeling and are energetically sensitive. They are fine-tuned into people around them. True empaths are...

A Woman Worked With Her Savior For Four Years At Suicide Hotline ‘Samaritans’ Without...

By Souls of Silver After the sudden death of husband Dennis, 60-year-old Georgina Laurie was lost in this world. “A year prior to that, I’d had...

Study Shows Non-Religious Children Become More Compassionate And Sensitive Adults

By Souls of Silver We link all positive virtues to religion; smug in the belief that people need regular doses of religion in order to...

These Signs Prove That You’re A Sensitive Broken Soul Empath

By Souls of Silver It is no surprise that sensitive people are the kindest people you would ever meet. If you can gain their trust, they...

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Childhood Trauma: Effects And Ways To Overcome It!

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Spiritual Journey: 7 Illuminating Stages To Begin Your Spiritual Journey

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