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Everything You Need To Know About Vega Starseed

By Souls of Silver

What is a Vega Starseed? It belongs to the star system Vega which is constellation Lyra’s most glowing star. It’s said that Vegans arose from Lyra to inhabit Sirius. These beings appeared on Earth as humans with dark complexion and black hair. They even have copper skin colour at times.

Definition of Vega Starseed/ Vegan Starseed

Vegans are highly artistic and talented beings and have occupied several planets in the Universe. They are in existence for a long time. Back in their origin planet, their skin colour is blue. You can identify them with Vulcans from Star Trek.

Characteristics of Vega Starseed

Vegans have some very unique characteristics that make them stand out from other beings. They are very creative and possess amazing talents but as human beings or human forms can never be perfect, Vegans also have some issues. The following are the most distinct and important features of Vegans:

Having Confidence and Satisfaction

Vegans are very content with themselves. They are self assured and have belief in themselves. They think they are always right and take pride in their actions.

They are courageous and bold enough to voice out their own opinions and be confident about their decisions and beliefs.

Overflowing With Talents

These beings have several amazing talents. They are not only keen, curious and sharp but also very artistic. They have a brilliant intellect. They are good at many things and have the potential to excel a lot of things at once. Their favorite field of practice is probably science and technology and their research and experimentation has contributed a great deal to our Planet Earth.

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Their passion and happiness matters a lot and so they excel in various fields because they have the drive to learn new things.

They Lack Consistency

They aren’t very consistent beings. They are very talented and highly intellectual but being involved in many things means they are easily distracted. Therefore, they often leave things incomplete. They have interest in a lot of things but their inconsistency makes them leave the task half done. Often others around them have to finish their task on their behalf.

Gypsy Hearts

Vegans are passionate about travelling and exploring. They do not like being stagnant when there’s so much in this world to see and appreciate. They prefer to roam about on their own as they are very independent and self-sufficient by nature. Their heart yearns for the unknown.


Vegans love to take up challenges but they will never execute it rashly. They’ll carefully consider things before doing them. They will always be very involved and concentrated when it comes to finishing these challenges.


Vegans are very caring and will do anything to help others. It might affect them but it doesn’t matter to them. They are especially weak for children and will care for them with all their hearts. They will be there by your side in times of difficulty and make sure you are never left alone in your bad times. This is their coveted trait.

Very Outgoing

Vega starseeds are the life of the party. Everyone likes them because they are so friendly and nice to others. They are kindhearted, helpful and jolly which attracts people to them and it’s so easy to hang out with them.

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These beings have empathetic traits which make them sensitive and understanding and thus they can connect to all kinds of people, no matter what their background is. This is why people are very fond of them and Vegans are highly respected by all. Share this article with your friends and family to spread the knowledge about Vega starseeds.



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