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4 Shifts You’ll Experience When Meeting Your Twin Flame

By Souls of Silver

Concept of twin flame, soul’s literal other half, has been very much a part of discussion in recent years. People who have met their twin flame say that the experience has been very striking as well as seeking transformation. Meeting of a twin flame couple is quite inevitable, however, the timing and the nature of that union depends upon the individuals. Now, today we are going to talk about the changes brought up by the twin flame in an individual. So if you are thinking of going ahead in your relationship with your twin partner, then the article is essentially about you. And the ones who haven’t met their twin partner, will find the reason for the delay now.

After the permanent union of a twin partner:

Shift 1: The inner self gets a sense of completion as well as satiation.

Challenge: Your connection with the outer world will be a little bit strained. Once your inner self has been fed, your dynamics with the outer world starts suffering. Despite the energized inner self, your outer world lifestyle may pose adverse effect over you.

Tip: One should always keep one thing in mind that twin flame experience is actually a call for awakening. The hopeful attitude and joyful surrounding should be preferred with a calm temper.

Shift 2:  The twin and your relationship with twin becomes priority.

Challenge: They take a center stage in your life seeking all your energies and effort. This actually leads to an ignorance of your family, career, health, finances and many other things.

Tip: One should always keep in mind that not all twin flames get united in this plane. So, when you are not able to keep up with your twin partner, you need to understand that you are being guided for the greater good. Hence you should go ahead with the path you’re being shown.

Shift 3: When the energies of twin souls reunite, then intimacy, sex and many other emotions are differently felt as well as expressed. You create moments together and experience that, together.

Challenge: When you start sharing emotions, things take different turn. You start confusing your emotion with your partner’s and you don’t find yourself able to understand if the emotion you’re carrying is your own or not.

Tip: You start accepting your togetherness as an essential half of one soul. You may even start tapping out each other’s soul to heal your own wounds.

Shift 4: You begin to understand and love qualities which are not yours.

Challenge: Although, you’re two similar souls, yet you will have differences regarding your natural instincts. If your preferences are heavily different then that may cause some problem.

Tip: You need to understand the yin yang duality concept. It’s like a contribution in the making of a single unit and this understanding can get you rid of your differences.

Now that you know all about Twin Flame, we hope you’ve been enlightened. Do share the article with your friends and family if you like our works.



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