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The Mysterious Bond Between Karmic Debt And Enmity

By Souls of Silver

Karmic connections may be both negative or positive. Souls, who refuse to settle the karmic debt in between them give rise to karmic enmity.

Karmic Debt And Karmic Enmity

There are both negative and positive aspects to Karmic relationships. Usually, souls incarnate in batches in the form of soul groups. They support each other to learn important lessons that the Earth school endows upon us. They also support each other to grow and evolve. Every one of these relationships comes with blessings of healing and support. However, some people still end up with karmic debts. Usually, their lives are a string of issues and problems. Both these souls have continuously failed to take lessons from their situation or behavior in past existences. They have lived the same cycle in many lives.

karmic debt

Karmic partners who failed to transcend or evolve an important karmic lesson give rise to karmic enmity in between them. The karmic connection surrounding your soul can only be released when it ceases to revive past wounds or evolves. Only then, the soul can live its dharmic freedom and next challenges freely! Already, spirits who are like us appear mysteriously on our paths to provide an endowment of courage and strength, mutual help along with a shared friendship, from other myriad incarnational experiences.

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These relationships between like-minded souls and spirits can continue for several centuries!

How To Perceive Karmic Enmity?

Karmic enmity might be very near to you. It may even be present in the circle of your close friend or your family. Usually, this karmic enmity enters your life to make you repair and heal yourself. The relationship might overcome past dramas and conflicts, shedding different perspectives and new light. So, if you have problems or issues with a loved one, that person might be your “karmic enemy”, therefore a “Karmic challenge”.

karmic debt

Although you may not know this person or haven’t seen him in your entire life, you will feel a strange familiarity or connection to your Karmic challenge. The disagreements or differences that you have with your “spiritual enemies” can be very difficult to overcome. But the healing and cessation of the karmic knots and issues are very essential for us and our spiritual enrichment and progress.

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If you fail to achieve the release of this bond, even if you strive and dedicate, you can be quite sure that the karma is getting somewhat mitigated. Those souls who do not heal positively or refuse to acknowledge your humanization efforts and tolerance will end up carrying the obstructions and difficulties. So, the only thing that will finally matter is opening our hearts and improving ourselves. Then you will do your part in getting rid of and banishing these karmic bonds.

How Do We End Up Acquiring Karmic Debt?

karmic debt

The universe has certain primordial laws and the transgressions of those give rise to karmic debts. If you commit certain actions that are forbidden by these laws, then your shoulders will get heavy with these debts. Karmic acts take place when an individual goes against these sacred and spiritual commandments. In our past lives, transgressive acts, such as these, used to be committed consciously against us and others.

To correct these errors, one must accept the extra burden of learning a particular lesson that didn’t use to be a part of our previous lives. Kabbalistic Numerology states that one might take birth on a specific “karmic day”, therefore they are destined to have a more problematic and troubled journey than most of us. The reason behind this is that we have ended up contracting a particular Karmic debt.



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