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Letting Go – 5 Stepping Stones of Moving On And Feeling Less Pain

By Souls of Silver

There are many ways to enrich our lives. We can try finding it in a strong and supportive relationship. We can find it in an activity we love to undertake. Sometimes, just letting things go and moving on can also truly enrich our lives. Letting go can free up vast amounts of time, effort, and energy which you did not realize you had. This newfound energy can be put to good use to rejuvenate your life in many new ways. But letting go can be quite the task for a lot of us, so here are 5 tips to help you let go:

Step Number 1: Understand Why Should NOT Let Go

This will seem contradictory to what was already suggested. But weighing out the advantages of not letting go with the benefits of letting go might serve as a useful motivator. The benefits of not letting go are:

  1. You can have the ease of feeling that you are right.
  2. Being the victim of the situation is easy.
  3. Venturing into the unknown can be delayed.

Hence, for every other reason, you need to let go.

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Step Number 2: Find Acceptance And Let Go

Learning to accept a situation or truth, just for what it is can be very powerful. For example, when you realize you could not have done anything to prevent being rejected by your date, it can be pretty empowering. Your date was expecting something else, you have no obligation to be that ‘something else’. The sooner you understand the depth of this, you will be able to apply the same principle onto other areas of your life. Letting go will enable you to move on and be a lot happier with your life and have a richer and fulfilling experience.

letting go

Step Number 3: Learn To Forgive

If you have ever faced a situation in life where you have been played by someone else, you are bound to feel resentful. It can quite possibly cause pain for some time. But you are always presented with an option. You can learn to forgive and let go, or refuse and cling on to that memory. The former will let you dissolve the ill-will and the hatred, while the latter can affect your relationship and be a constant irksome reminder. Forgive them to do a favor to yourself.

Step Number 4: Emphasize On Things You CAN Change

To put it bluntly, unless you possess a time machine, the chances of being able to change the past are none. So focusing on the past as well as the things in the past that you can’t change is a senseless waste of your time. Your life is what you can control as much as you want; so focus on how you can improve or change your life.

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Step Number 5: Let Go Once Again If There Is A Need For It

Life is not a neat stack of files; you cannot always just dump the ones you don’t want. Distractions can make way into your life and certain things can trigger a lot of buried issues. The more you can let go of something which pops up again and again, the less power it will hold over you.

Letting go takes time and practice to master, one does not become an expert in letting go in just one attempt. It is an important process that takes time and focus but is 100% achievable.

What do you think you will be letting go of to feel less pain?



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