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12 Traits That Empaths Can’t Hide Even If They Want To

By Souls of Silver

An empath is someone who understands another person’s emotions completely. They go deep within your soul and would gather who you are as a person from the vibes you send out into the universe. And they are special too. Not everyone who announces themselves as an Empath is so.

Although Empaths do try their best to not disclose their identity, there are some features they simply can’t hide from people. These are some of the traits of empaths that they can’t really hide: –


Empaths experience to emotions, feelings and sentiments. Is it really that surprising that they are sensitive? But they will always try to hide that for they don’t want anyone to consider them weak or in need of help. It must also be highlighted that being sensitive doesn’t really make you weak. So, if an empath tries to hide their innermost emotions, they always leave some clues behind.

Empaths Absorb Emotions

They can’t hide the fact that they can absorb the emotions of people around them, or close to them. So if you find one of your friends being equally sad the day you are, chances are, they are an empath.

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They aren’t exactly your social butterflies. An empath entails constantly being surrounded by emotions and feelings, so they do like to take a break from that. But if you see your introvert friend suddenly taking part in some extrovert-ish activities, and then again receding back, they could actually be empaths.

Empaths Love Nature

Notice your friends carefully. If you find one of them always sneaking out to gardens or woods or the forests and coming back energetic, they are empaths. For empaths love nature more than anyone else.

Lie Detectors

You must know at least one person around you to whom no one can ever lie? They just seem to know when one is lying through their teeth. If they are not secret agents, then they can actually be empaths.

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Can’t Help Helping Others

If you do see someone who is being charitable to the point of self-harm, they might just be an empath. For empaths can’t help themselves when they see someone in need of help.




Negative People Harass Empaths A Lot

They are almost prey for negative people. If you see anyone harassing a really soft spoken, nice friend of yours, do remove that person. For, that friend would not hesitate to still help the negative person, who would simply be using them for their own selfish need.

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Empaths are known for their intuition. No matter what, they would always trust their gut more than anything and chances are, they would be correct. So, if you see someone around you continuously nailing every prediction, they might actually be empaths.

Easily Stressed

They are always stressed due to the continuous influx of emotions. If you see one of your friends clutching their head after being in a crowd, simply take them to an empty clearing and give them some space. It will help them.



Empaths Are Taken Advantage Of

A no-brainer, for if you are this powerful to understand emotions, there would always be people out there taking you for granted. If you don’t want your friend to go through that, stick to them. They might be extremely clever, but ultimately, they are extremely nice.


They love deeply, without any conditions or hesitation. They will love you to the end of time and will never let anything come between you. Ever.

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Their vivid imagination makes them extremely creative. They either make great authors or great artists or great painters, for they can understand society and the hidden emotions that flow within it.



So, do you know anyone who could be an empath?

If you like this article and know of any empath among your circle, then share it and let them know you love them.



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