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Overcome Jealousy And Avoid The Inevitable Pain

By Souls of Silver

We are constantly surrounded by negativity and jealousy. And it is the ugliest of all emotions. And the forms and intensity vary. You are jealous when a loved one takes an undue interest in someone new. It could be the resentment a child feels when his sibling gets some extra attention. Or your friends have all the fun while you are attached to some prior commitment.

The Reason That Jealousy Overcomes Us

No one is immune to this vile emotion. And it alters the real you. You realize that you are not the person you would like to be but slowly lose control over your better self.


So what do you do to overcome it? The first step is to acknowledge you are being assailed by this vilest of emotion. And not allow it to overcome your sanity.

Is Jealousy A Disease?

Jealousy is the reaction we have to some event in the past. It is set off when an incident in your present gets associated with a past event.

Things happen in our lives that break us up. It could be the separation of our parents, someone close to us betraying us, or leaving us.

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These hurts stay on in us. Dormant yet alive. A constant throb from an old wound. And then something happens to set it off. That is the moment when it begins to control us. And we are led astray by all the accompanying negativity.

But that is the last thing we want and deserve. Let all our efforts be directed towards bettering ourselves.

The Harm It Does

Being in a state of constant jealousy is like imbibing poison and hoping for the other person to get affected. If someone is happy and successful doesn’t mean that someone else is failing. It is the greatest punishment that you can inflict upon yourself. It appears that you are possessed by madness and debilitated by it.

Purging Yourself Of The Poison Of Jealousy

Jealousy doesn’t strike you like lightning. It is not a sudden emotion but slowly creeps into your soul. It has the power to disguise itself and gradually envelopes you.

And recognizing it becomes the first step in your efforts to get it out of your system. Do not try to turn away from it. There is no harm in admitting to our frailty and imperfection.

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Ignoring it allows jealousy to take control over our life. It turns into a constant and controls every aspect of it. And that is something that we can never let happen to our life.

The Healing Touch To Overcome Jealousy

Acknowledge jealousy to overcome it. Recognize that it is an old hurt and that has allowed you to be angry and scared. It has made you fear loneliness and abandonment.

It is perfectly understandable if you are hurt and angry at someone for wounding you. But then you realize that this is an emotion from the past. And that is where it should stay.

Do not allow it to creep into and color your present life. It is okay to be enraged against some injustice. But let’s not be destroyed by it.

Reasons For Your Past Wounds

Open up and stop blaming yourself for every bad thing that happened in your life. Things happen that are beyond our control and we are not always the cause of it. Your parents might have separated for reasons that never concerned you. And this realization lessens the hurt and the resentment in you. Treat everything with compassion, make peace with it and move on.

Rising Above The Negativity

Allow the old wounds to heal to become a better you. Do not let jealousy be an active participant in your life. Move away from its tentacles.

Formulate in your mind the person you would love to be, sans all the negative emotions. Would you rather not let happiness and peace rule your life? And work sincerely on those emotions to lead you away from jealousy.


Realize that jealousy hurts you and also wounds those around you. You would not want these baser feelings and emotions to bring pain into your life. Allow compassion to enter your lives, both for yourself and your loved ones.

Cut your link with the dark past. If you find that some part of your past is hurting you, tear away from it and start afresh.

Recognize that there is more to life than the self. The world doesn’t revolve around you. Everyone around you has a right to the freedom that you so much love for yourself. And letting go of the jealousy you harbor within your heart doesn’t happen in a day. It takes time, effort, and a full-hearted commitment. And the willingness to trust and let go.



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