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Forgiveness: How Helpful Is It?

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The easiest way to deal with the cyclical process of Karma is by dealing with forgiveness. To put it simply, if one learns how to forgive others for their mistake, they won’t run the risk of dealing with bad karma. After all, we all know someone who is exceedingly rude to us, even when we aren’t. Now, how do you deal with that? The easiest way would be to dish them their own servings- but that doesn’t create a difference between both of you.

On the other hand, you can be a better man and actually forgive them. In retrospect, the entire platform of forgiving doesn’t just entail a normal, tangible relationship. It also encompasses a karmic relationship. So, if you want to not have to deal with someone being rude towards you without any reason- simply forgive everyone you see. 

How Does Forgiveness Help In Releasing Karma


There are several ways to look at this. Imagine someone being rude to you. What’s the first thing that you will do from a rational standpoint? There is a huge possibility that you would go away from them, and find your own niche somewhere else. Now, is it enough to just separate yourself from this individual? What about the feelings of disrespect, hurt, and anger that you have been festering inside you? This is where forgiveness comes to play. You need to forgive this individual for what they have done to you- so that you can finally have a cathartic end to a problem. 

See, no one will ever say that forgiveness is easy. But, it is the only way to deal with the energy blocks that your karma faces. Sometimes, you need to talk to this individual before you make a snap judgment about them. Maybe they are going through a bad time and they simply erupted at you out of frustration? Sure, this doesn’t justify their behavior, but if the positions were changed- wouldn’t you want to be forgiven for your transgressions? 

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There are lots of ways to go about the process. Sometimes, just talking to that person won’t be enough. You will actually have to realize that they are harmful to your peace of mind. Sometimes, you might have to block them out of your life where anything they say or utter won’t make a difference to you. Forgiveness doesn’t just mean the physical act of forgiving, it also means realizing that you are not to blame for what someone else did, and moving on. 

Several times we stay with the same person because we think that it is our fault that they are behaving like that. Remember, sympathize- but not empathize with their condition. Forgive them, but do not forget it. If the offense is irredeemable, simply move out of that relationship. 

Violet Flame For A Transmutation Ritual To Forgive


If you want to shift your negative karma and break out of it, the easiest way to do so would be through forgiveness and the usage of Violet flame. Now, you can use them to create the Transmutation Ritual that will help you come out of negative karma. All you need is the zeal to make it work, and the required concentration to search for good energies. The spirits in play need to realize that you want to come out of your negative karma. And this will only be done if you have forgiven everyone around you- which will dispel the negative karma built in all your lives up to this point. 

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Remember, the first step to this trick is to actually believe in forgiveness. You can’t afford to fake it- you need to truly believe that you are forgiving someone for what they did to you. Only then will you be forgiven for things you did to others. 



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