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3 Steps To Overcoming Comparison And Moving On: Towards Mindfulness And Positivity 

By Souls of Silver

“To be independent of public opinion is the first formal condition of achieving anything great.” 

– Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel. 

Self-awareness is bliss. Those who know themselves well enough to not let themselves be demotivated by the criticism and comparison of others are the ones who have found spirituality. 

However, if you find yourself sinking deep in the thoughts of negativities generated by judgmental statements, all you have to do is just rely on your self-consciousness and make an instructive decision for the better. 

The aspect of making a decision not only creates an impact on the power dynamics but helps you to get the exposure you require. Here are three ways to shift your perspective a little towards positivities, so that you can move away from drawing comparison

Step One: Rely On Your Senses Rely On Your Awareness 

The first step towards necessitating a sense of positivity is through determining what you want to experience instead. You have to decide the emotion that would prompt mental growth and development. 

So asking questions like “what emotions would help me overcome the toxicity of comparison?” Or “what could be done to facilitate a sense of assurance rather than dwelling deep in sorrow?”. 


By answering these questions, you may find a better way to establish assuredness in your psyche. When you scream out loud that it is “your happiness”, “your peace of mind” that you choose, you are opening a path for yourself that leads to self-acceptance and love.

However, if you feel it’s beyond your emotional range to precipitate such emotions, then dial it down a notch. Choose the vibe according to your grasping capacities to repel the negativities. 

This small decision to stave off adversities by choosing to let go will help you get ahead of yourself rather than ending up in the hell-hole of suffering. 

Step Two: Keep Moving Forward From Comparison

The comparison holds the capability to make your heart heavy. Rather than being suppressed under the heaviness of the analogical study, focus on closing the loop of suffering. 

You have to emphasize moving forward straight towards optimism. The best way to do it is by keeping moving ahead. Not only hypothetically, but you also have to keep marching ahead literally. 

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It is a proven fact that continuous movement can shift energy around. So put on that music you love and dance! Jump! Or simply groove to the tune. Or, If you are not in the mood to move to the rhythm, then bring out that yoga mat and start stretching. 

The goal is to keep striving. It is easier to indulge in such activities if you are in your bedroom. However, if it is in a crowded place, you have to regulate your breathing. 

Step Three: Appreciation Is The Key To Face Comparison

One of the most effective ways to change your temperament Is by practicing gratitude. According to Hegel, our self-consciousness derives from our longings, so it can be said that longingness is the source of the “comparative mindset”. 

Rather than focusing on what you don’t have, concentrate on becoming more grateful for what you possess. Showing gratitude not only changes your perspective but will help you gain insight into life.


So make a list of things you are grateful for, for starters, your prosperous health, your friendly cup of joe, your house, that job you love. Be grateful for everything you have, for everything that keeps you motivated. 

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Rather than getting dejected over your lack of achievement, why not focus on the things you have managed to achieve? Instead of focusing on the promotion, you couldn’t attain, why not focus on the job you have at hand right now? Channel your thoughts towards sanguinity by simply thinking: 

I am grateful for the hot food on my plate 

It is thankful that I have someone by my side who supports me 

I am happy that I have this job even in the time of economic crisis 

I am glad that continue to grow despite meeting harsh conditions 

Communicating with yourself over the value proposition will help you overcome such brutal thoughts easily. 

Ending note: 

Beating yourself up for something someone achieved is easy, but with it comes a wave of negative thoughts that becomes tough to manage. Ingrain the three steps mentioned above into your soul to keep yourself motivated, to stay away from unnecessary comparison.



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