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Childhood Trauma: 5 Ways For Healing The Inner Child

By Souls of Silver

It does not matter how old or young we are – we must have experienced some form of childhood trauma. Such traumas can be of various types. It can be as simple as seeing your favorite toy being thrown away. Or, it can leave a permanent scar, like being betrayed by your best friend when you were a child.

A very important part of your journey towards spiritual awakening is working on your inner child. It connects us with an injured side of ourselves once more. Many insecurities, phobias, and fears have their roots in this broken part. So connecting with this inner child, allows us to know more about our current afflictions.

Childhood Trauma: 15 Types

Before we can begin healing childhood trauma, we must know about them. There are multiple types, including physical (and sexual), mental, and emotional types. Moreover, repeated or severe childhood trauma can lead to dissociation or soul loss. However, not every childhood trauma leads to soul loss. Nevertheless, it leads to a psyche that is wounded. Such wounds can trigger chronic illnesses, phobias, anxiety, depression, etc.

childhood trauma

15 common types of trauma are:

  1. Being hit by your guardians.
  2. Having a parent who remained emotionally distant.
  3. Being “punished” in a physically painful and scarring manner.
  4. Molestation, and other things like sexual contact.
  5. Seeing your parents divorce.
  6. Having to carry huge responsibilities like looking after the whole family.
  7. Not being properly looked after.
  8. Being left alone for extended periods.
  9. Emotionally neglected.
  10. Being called names and/or insulted verbally.
  11. Being shamed because of personality.
  12. Having your personal belongings destroyed.
  13. Having to answer overwhelming demands.
  14. Being humiliated.
  15. Being in an accident or events that cause immediate trauma.

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Five Methods Of Healing Childhood Trauma

Please keep in mind that working on your inner child does not mean being childish. Rather, you connect with the childlike self. Childishness refers to naivety and immaturity. Childlike means the state of innocence and purity. This is the state we try to regain. Here are five powerful ways of doing so:

1. Talk To The Child Inside You

Let the inner child know that you are aware of their existence. Console them by letting them know that you will support them. Have some respect and kindness for the inner child.

Make this communication a habit. You can also try keeping a journal in which you can write down the inner child’s response to any question.

2. Practice The Technique Of Mirror Gazing

This is also called mirror work. This is a powerful and simple method of reconnecting with the inner child. Moreover, this method lets you open the heart in a very direct way.

However, you need privacy for this practice. Moreover, you also need your mind’s state to be relatively neutral. Then hold up or stand in front of a mirror. While pacing a hand on the heart gently, gaze at yourself softly. Spend at least 5 minutes doing this.

You will see that unexpected emotions and thoughts arise. Let them go along. Then when you are ready call the inner child. Once you feel them, talk to them kindly and lovingly. Finish the practice by hugging yourself.

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3. Look At Your Childhood Pictures

Revisit your past photo albums. Take another look at your younger self. Remember the image well since it will remind you of the inner child’s presence.

4. Revisit Your Childhood Favorite Activities

childhood trauma

Try to remember the activities that you loved when you were a child. It can be cuddling soft toys or eating porridge. Make time for these activities in your current life. People claim that they discover traits they never knew about.

5. Go On A Journey On The Inside

This is the most powerful method you can take for healing childhood traumas. The two most common types are meditation and visualization. However, for this method, you must have gained the inner child’s trust. In meditation, just take deep breaths and ask questions that come to your mind. In visualization, imagine a “power place” and talk to the inner child there about your past experiences.

Healing childhood traumas let you get rid of the shadow emotions within us. This includes anger, shame, fear, hatred, guilt, etc. However, everyone has the ability to get back their original innocence. Hopefully, these basic steps can give you an outline about performing work on the inner child.



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