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Twin Flame Separation: Rising Above The Pain And The Torment

By Souls of Silver

Twin flame love is deeper than what we have learned to normally define as love. It is to experience a soul in human form, and welcome with open arms the depths of life. You transform into a different person from what you were before.

And, inevitably, a separation from such an intense bond will leave us shattered. The intense feeling that we harbor for our twin flame will make the separation intensely painful and beyond endurance.  

Is It Truly A Twin Flame Relationship?

The void that such a break-up can cause is frightening and overpowering, even if it happens temporarily. But you need to first be sure that your relationship is not a co-dependent one.

twin flame

Twin flame bonds have equality, respect, a healthy boundary, and negotiations as their foundation. It is a nurturing and nourishing bond, a haven.

But co-dependent relations are marked by the feeling of being trapped; an overpowering weight of inequality, and a loss of self-esteem that makes the self rely on the other. And these two relationships can be confused with one another.

4 Reasons Why You Could Experience A Twin Flame Separation

The initial ecstasy of a twin flame relationship at times gives way to insecurity and trauma. Wounds burst onto the surface. Repressed instincts, impulses, weaknesses, and repressed ideas lash out.

This is the initial stage of dysfunction and dilemma. The turmoil is a time of intense shock. You are bewildered trying to come to terms with the disintegration. There comes a rapid transformation from the stage of perfect love to a stage of self-doubt. You spend valuable time doubting your worth.

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But you need to convince yourself that the initial intensity was never a mirage. It wasn’t an apparition but something intensely real. It just needs to be recovered again from where it is lost under the veneer of injured egos.

The ultimate destination of a twin flame relationship is to transform ourselves into the best version of what we are. It is a trial by fire as we are exposed to the dark and fractured aspects of the self that we have so far suppressed. It helps us improve and move forward by intensely provoking us.

This anger that should be directed at ourselves is instead wrongly projected at our twin flame. This period of misplaced emotions and misdirected anger ultimately results in a temporary separation.

1. Immaturity Both Spiritual And Psychological

We grow constantly, both physically and spiritually. But immaturity comes in the way of sustaining a twin flame relation. This happens in an initial state when we harbor an emotional intelligence that is low and misdirected. We fail to recognize our emotions. Finally, it comes to pass that we cannot control or face it. And this is compounded by the dominance of the ego. Our ego wants us to believe that we are charming, intelligent, and flawless. But the truth raises hell both in us and our relationship.

2. Mastering Self Love And Respect 

Why does it become so hard to master self-love and self-esteem when it is one of the cornerstones of a twin flame bond? There is an intense need to love and accept the person that we are. True love for the other starts from and springs out from the self. That is where it is nurtured and nourished.

It is the lack of this self-love, or at least the intensity required for it, that ultimately results in ruining many such relationships under the burden of self-hatred and lack of confidence in the self.

3. Life Lessons: An Intense Part Of All Twin Flame Relationships

You should have gone through the searing lessons that life teaches before you can be a part of a twin flame connection. For that, you might need to be in other relations. Expand your horizons and experience life through friendship, participation, and work before you can consider yourself to be ready.

You will win some and lose in others. But each journey will teach you something, some gently some in the harshest way possible. But you need to open up to the world. And as you widen your circle, life teaches you even more.

4. A Twin Flame Bond Needs The Right Time To Be Successful

This is a difficult one to fathom. Quite often we are never sure when it is the right time for a twin flame bond to flourish. And, indeed, it cannot blossom until the time is right for it. And at times we aren’t sure which the correct time for it is.

But you can be sure that time will make you stronger and mature enough to know when it is the right time for the relationship to flourish.

And for this to happen, you need to surrender to life and grow wiser and stronger. And the future can only bring better tidings.

A twin flame relationship can never flourish until the time is right. You need to arrive at the right time through an intense learning experience. Just learn to surrender to the journey. But be certain that it will forge a better and stronger you.

Managing A Separation

Separation from those close to you is always a nightmare, whatever is the reason. The void paralyzes you and you struggle to free yourself from it. You are stuck in a time zone from the past. Nothing can compare to or compensate for this loss.

twin flame

The first emotion that overwhelms you from a twin flame separation is grief. It is intense and overpowering and obliterates all other feelings. The journey back is difficult but there are ways you can expand your viewpoint and hasten the return to normality.

It is necessary, in spite of the anguish, to start the journey back to normality. Open your world to the outside and move on. As expected, your twin flame meant everything. But you can recover and thrive on your own. But you need to give it time and be kind to yourself.

1. Find Out The Reason

Peace and closure come with understanding the reason and the cause for the separation. This period of an intense search for the truth will mature you.

2. The Separation Only Makes You Resilient

While it might sound unbelievable, the separation will make you a better person in the end. It builds a stronger version of you and after the initial pain and sadness; you emerge as an epitome of courage and fortitude.

3. Expressing Your Inner Emotions

We are often wary of expressing our strongest emotions, especially if they discomfit you. Take it easy if bouts of intense grief and anger slow you down. Give time for your emotions to settle. It gives time to your emotions to express themselves.

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Indulging in activities like painting, hiking, gardening could help you navigate through your emotions. Keep moving and you will recover faster.

4. You Are Not Responsible For Your Pain

Experiencing pain is reasonable at the initial stages. But it should be a fleeting sensation. You should learn to slowly rise over it as it heals out. Use it more as a teacher to teach you the harsh truth about your wounds, self-doubts, and your affection.

5. Your Twin Flame Is Not The Sole Reason For Your Happiness 

Finally, it is time to realize the truth that a twin flames bond is not the sole harbinger of our happiness. They help us grow, be strong, and contribute in a lot of other ways. We can still be whole and fulfilled on our own.

6. Combining The Various Elements Into A Whole

You need to take all your life experiences picked up in your long journey and integrate it into your life. Learn to totally surrender to what life has thrown at you. Be patient and kind to the self and set your own pace. This ability comes with time. And most importantly learn to let go. Nothing in life is indispensable.



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