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Communicate Your Point Of View Better Through These Five Ways

By Souls of Silver

Expressing your point of view is an important life skill. It is the key to achieving your deserving happiness. So, read on to find out five methods that will help you talk about your point of view.

Is your mind occupied by negative stories or thoughts? Do you want your mind to be calmer? Sharing your point of view and your feelings with the people who caused it is the best way of getting them. Expressing those feelings can make your suffering much less.

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Letting other people know what you truly feel can be scary. However, there are methods to get something out of this conversation. Always keep in mind that all of these exchanges will carry with them energy or essence of their own.

The Five Steps To Articulation The Point Of View

For the first step, ask yourself with whom do you not have a good relationship. Also, try to find out how much importance these people have in your life. Depending on the answer, you may not need to tell them about your feelings necessarily. However, if they are significant people in your life, you should have the talk. Here is a constructive approach that can make the conversation easier:

  1. Write a script that you can follow. In it, jot down the points you want to, or can, talk about.
  2. Ask the divine self for help. Then, try to imagine the discussion taking place smoothly.
  3. Imagine that this other person is accepting of the conversation that you are trying to have. The relationship will become stronger after you have told them your point of view.

Keep in mind that your objective is to help them understand your feelings. So make sure that they are given space for expressing their animosity towards you if they have any.

  1. Next, ask Archangel Michael, or the divine energy inside you, to protect you with their energy so that you can have the conversation.
  2. Imagine a beautiful heavenly golden bubble embracing you two. Imagine a loving light warmly wrapping you up in a web of tranquillity.

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After the conversation has ended, the person you are talking to should have understood your point of view. By then, you have also listened to their point of view. Then, you can give up any connections or thoughts opposing in the mind. Furthermore, you can see heavenly love cover the situation warmly. Keep an eye on your thoughts. Moreover, do not let toxic stories and emotions run rampant in your mind. It should calm down anyway, after the conversation.

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Respect yourself as much as you deserve it. Also, take pride in how you were able to assert yourself with this method.

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If in case, you do not get this result, the best thing you can do is let some time pass. Then, let the situation go. Know that you have done the best you could do to put an end to the bitterness.

In Conclusion

However, you must not abandon hope. You can make a bridge using prayer. Prayer is like communicating telepathically between the other’s subconscious and your consciousness. Continue imagining that the situation will reverse itself. Imagine that you two can understand each other equally once more.

Our creator has given us a necessary tool in our ego. However, you should never let it control your mind. If you make use of these steps, the way you view your life will change. You can also release all the thoughts that drain you. You will have the healthiest relationships. However, do remember that not everything can be controlled. So sometimes, you have no other choice than to let the process take shape.



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