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9 Ways Empaths Can Deal With Emotions In Changing Times

By Souls of Silver

In this transcending world of big changes and shifts, empaths are of considerable importance. They are uniquely empathetic to other’s emotions, cultural pulse, etc. These empaths are not physically sensitive to negative and positive energies. They are emotionally and psychologically sensitive. But to be able to service others, empaths also need to balance their energy. Here are 9 methods by which empaths can do so. Listen to your intuition to choose the method that you should follow. 

Absorption Of Positivity

It is important to remain positive. Do so by watching a documentary with a good ending, or reading a book with spiritual upliftment. You can keep some short and inspiring words close to your heart as well. Many heartbreaking situations, misdeeds, and sufferings in the world move empaths. Nurturing energy with positivity is essential. 

All Empaths Need Rejuvenation Time

Empaths are highly sensitive (sometimes even physical stimuli like noise, temperature changes) to emotional energies. Therefore, a healthy retreat like walking in an open space with ample lush greenery, reading quietly beside a partner helps. These activities pull back energy, controlling outbursts, and keeping a stable low energy setting.

Stress On Light Energy


Nurture playful energy with jokes. In the meantime be engrossed in fun and laughter with others. It vents out the high energy within and gives a feeling of being ‘less burdened’. Being happy both reduces stress and tackles serious issues easily too.

Retrospect And Introspect On Emotions

Expressing repressed emotions so that one can not only feel light from within but also get counseling from the person with whom it is shared. Continuous admission of sadness, anger and fear can help an empath move through.

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Creation Of Godly Figure

Nervousness or anxiety can be alleviated by taking help from close friends, psychiatrists, and counselors. Empaths create an angel-like entity in their mind. Sitting in deep meditation with this angel in mind can bring calm and peace which is not a bad way to be blissful.

Empaths Should Utilize Astrology

The movement of stars and planets is a great indicator of the energy that is coming in the future. Tallying with the calendar and stargazing will give a sign that might bring out positive energy. That positive energy can be utilized to achieve goals and objectives.

Healthy Connections


Empaths indulge too much in relationships-either healthy or toxic. They believe that feeling the emotions of other people is nourishing. Healthy human connections can be made by making video calls to best friends now and then, taking walk with a new friend, and sending birthday gifts or anniversary gifts every time. 

Adequate Rest Is Essential For All Empaths

Be lazy once or twice in a week or two. That won’t affect productivity. In fact, it’s healthy as in the interstices of extensive stored energy and personal shifts one needs rest to balance the energies. An afternoon nap when there is no workload in this case might help a lot. Occasional slowdowns and regaining balance helps to move forward efficiently.

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Good Nutrition And Good Health

Empaths sometimes go through ‘off mood’ because they think are absorbing too much negative energies and emotions. This is not always the case as there may be some physical disturbances in the body as well. Food is the fuel that generates energy, and thus affects the mood energy states. Nutritious food provides all the required minerals, vitamins, and proteins. For recurring or chronic ailments, a visit to a healthcare professional is a must.

We know how tough it is for an empath to be upbeat during such turbulent times. So we hope these steps will be able to calm your mind, even a bit. Let us know how you felt after trying them out!



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