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Toxic People And Their Traits That You Should Remember

By Souls of Silver 

We seldom realize that if we are surrounded by toxic people in our everyday lives, it significantly affects the level of our emotional and physical health, as well as our well-being. In all probability, there will be a few people in our circles, who try to spread negative thoughts into our minds through their interactions with us. These people induce poison into our minds using different deceptive approaches and kill the positivity in our thoughts and slowly rob us of our happiness. To prevent this and lead a healthy, joyful, and successful life, we must be able to identify and keep malicious people at bay.

toxic people

The most important step in keeping our minds free of negativity is to understand how to identify the people who spread toxicity. These people come with many faces and try to influence us in different ways. Irrespective of how close these persons are to us, we must not blindly take them as friends and well-wishers, for they may have ulterior motives behind their actions.

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Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing

Some people will try to please or influence us by employing gossip, gifts, and flattery. People use gifts as a tool to make us feel that we are indebted to them and gullible to their controlling and manipulating ploys. If you know your worth, you can make sure whether these people actually love or hate you. You will be able to distinguish between their hollow and honest praises and sense intents of deception in their advice. Closer attention to a few interactions with such people is enough to understand what is driving them. 

Some people pretend that they care about us and often come up with opinions or advice and try to manipulate our thoughts and actions. Their real intentions would be to feed on our pain and poison our minds to drive us into deeper miseries. It is very difficult to identify these people immediately, because most of them may be our close friends or family members. We can have a great amount of trust in them. These people know their games well and will be very quick to come up with what may appear to us as perfect solutions at that moment. 

Sympathy Seekers Are Toxic People

Toxic people may appear as if they need help, but that may not be what they really want. All they want is our sympathy. They will constantly play the victim card to make us feel sorry for them. Some people are never content with what they have. They are always needy but do not prefer working hard to meet their needs or fulfill their wishes. They always want others to help out in everything they want.

toxic people

We often find that interacting with some people in our family and friend circles fills us with positivity. However, transactions with some of them will drain us of our energy and dampen our pleasant and creative thoughts. They will suck out the happiness in our lives by injecting negative thoughts and ideas into our minds. 

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Advocates Of Negativity

Then some people always keep blaming others or complaining about everything. These blamers always refuse to own responsibility for anything that goes wrong in their lives. They point their fingers at the world for their unhappiness or misfortunes. Complainers can easily be identified because they spend most of their energy constantly pointing out what is wrong with others. Slowly, they try to inject their negative thoughts into our minds. Long association with such people will surely pollute our thoughts.

In this light, it is necessary to choose the kind of people we associate with properly and we must insulate our minds from the influences of malicious people and their ploys.



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