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Soul Tie: How Is It Important For Us?

By Souls of Silver

The relationship equation varies from person to person. We don’t share the same relationship with everyone in our life.  A soul tie in a relationship gets built up through the equal participation of two people. But when one person is giving effort only, relationships tend to break down slowly.

Soul tie

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Soul Tie: What Does It Mean?

Deep connection and attachment with someone encased into our soul are known as soul ties.

Most of the deep connections happen after physical intimacy.

The concept of deep connection after intercourse comes from the idea of Christian tradition. During orgasm, the oxytocin hormone is released. It is responsible for bonding, but some people do not undergo any emotional bonding after a physical relationship.

Soul ties are also referred to as some sort of bond between two souls. Some relationships do not need to possess romance. An initial strong feeling might be attractive to you regarding a person and you are drawn to that attraction. But with time you realize that you do not want to spend time with that person anymore.

Some Points On Why You Should Have Soul Tie In Your Life

1: Deep Connection

Deep bondings on a different level with a person indicate that you have a soul tie. Soul ties, though common, are very special. An intense and whole-hearted connection with someone suggests having a soul tie.

2: Strong Reactions

There are both good and bad sides to a person. Some reactions are strong and loud, while some are silent. One could be instantly attracted to a person or develop some curiosity. Soul tie connections are usually different from ordinary ones.

3: Familiarity In A Soul Tie

The person might have some familiar characters or habits like you. It might feel that you have known the person for a longer period of time even if you met the person for a small time.

Soul tie

4: Complete You

An attachment part begins to enhance when you are connected to a person, you feel like they complete you in every way. This is applicable for relationships that are considered to be soul ties.

5: Unique Bonding

New feelings and new experiences come along with soul ties. A different sexual passion emerges inside the body with lots of excitement. Adventure, doing new things together and spending time with each other feel special and unique than every other feeling in the world.

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6: Correct Timing

Soul ties bring light to your life at the correct time when you need the person most. Some sort of mental support and help they offer us at our lowest point of life.

7: Significant Presence

Sometimes the feelings change as attachment moves toward obsession. Emptiness grasps us because the other person is not connected to the soul tie wholeheartedly.



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