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5 Planets in Retrograde

5 Outer Planets In Retrograde: What Does That Mean For You?

By Souls of Silver Having just cleared the fog of the Mercury and Venus Retrogrades, it would seem the months ahead would be easier. But...
universal love

Feel the Vibration of Universal Love Through the Power of Prema

By Souls of Silver As the world grows increasingly digital, the need for a loving global community becomes more important. Prema, a Sanskrit word, stands...

Discover The Secrets Of The Libra Zodiac Sign

By Souls of Silver Element: Air Quality: Cardinal Color: Pink, Green Day: Friday Ruler: Venus Greatest Overall Compatibility: Aries, Sagittarius Lucky Numbers: 4, 6, 13, 15, 24 Date range: September 23 - October 22 Traits If you want to spot a Libra, look...