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The Right Person At The Right Time – Why Does The Universe Do That?

By Souls of Silver

The right person at the right time- what does it mean?

Well, to put it simply, it means anyone who would be in our lives at a point of time when it would seem perfect, and natural. For once, we would be beset with sunshine and daisies, and life would actually feel bright and beautiful again. But, one needs to realize that this can’t be rushed. You can’t simply be barraging through the Universe’s rules, simply because you think it is high time you had someone like that in your life. The Universe knows exactly whom to send, and when. So all you have to do is: place your trust in the Universe.

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It goes without saying that the Universe will always be looking out for you and it always knows when you are ready for your ‘special’ someone – never too early, and definitely not too late.

But why does the Universe do this?

Apart from making life seem bright, the Universe also has to make sure that you reach your true potential. And sometimes, having another person by your side makes the struggle easier.


Here are 6 more reasons why the Universe sends the right person at the right time:

1. We Are Where We Should Be

The Universe will notice when we are walking on the path that life puts us up for. The moment we veer away from that is when we are riddled with troubles. But, if we keep following the Universe’s deal, we would be rewarded by the Universe in the form of the right person, at exactly the right time.

2. Support

Sometimes, we may be extremely low, with no prospects and certainly no form of happiness in our lives. We feel lonely, and troubled. But this is when the Universe realizes that we need to confide in someone- share our thoughts before it stews us inside. And this is exactly when they would send one single individual, who would be perfect.

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3. Learning Lessons

Sometimes the Universe teaches us lessons that would help us move further as we are moving towards a particular destination in mind. And if we struggle along this path, the Universe sends someone who would help us understand the lesson better. Now, this can be a bittersweet affair, for the lessons we would learn might come at a price; but it would turn us into better individuals. These people become our teachers, our friends, and more importantly, turn out to be what we need- the right person, at the right time.

4. Growth

We might hit plateaus while growing as individuals. This is when the Universe sends someone who would help us learn and grow along with us. Irrespective of their future in our lives, they would still have a good impact on us, and the way we live.

5. Boundaries

How many times have we let ourselves get taken for granted? After a certain point of time, even the Universe would get tired of us self deprecating ourselves in order to cater to the world beyond. And then they would send someone, who would so tear us apart, that we would finally learn the value of boundaries, and place them around us. Even if they don’t seem to be ‘perfect’ in the overall theme, they are perfect in that particular context.

6. Healing

Possibly the most important of them all, healing is an important ritual that would always require someone else who would assist you in the process. And the universe knows exactly when you would need someone to be by your side as you try healing yourself of physical and mental trauma. So get your chin up and observe, as the Universe sends the right person at the right time and this person will certainly help you heal.

If you have already come across someone that was absolutely right for you, then you know what we are talking about. If you haven’t, don’t just settle for anyone. You will come across the right person at the right time.

Let the universe work!

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