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Waking Up Before 10 Am Is Torture, Scientists Declare

By Souls of Silver

As if this is something that we don’t already know of! If a survey was conducted regarding the general mood of the population about waking up before 10 am, we would probably be getting highly contrasting results. Although professionalism dictates a 9 to 5 work ethic, we do have to ask ourselves- is it worth the torture of waking up before 10 am?

Dr. Paul Kelly of Oxford University believes that work and school should move their timings to after 10 am, which would better serve in increasing the overall efficiency and productivity at the workplace. Some years back, Dr. Kelly had spoken at the British Science Festival at Bradford where he mentioned that the amount of sleep an individual received was important to the development of the society as a whole, and the society was extremely sleep deprived as they are bound to waking up before 10 am.

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Here are a few excerpts from his speech:

“It is hugely damaging on the body’s systems because you are affecting physical, emotional and performance systems in the body.”

“Your liver and your heart have different patterns and you’re asking them to shift two or three hours. This is an international issue. Everybody is suffering and they don’t have to.”

“We cannot change our 24-hour rhythms. You cannot learn to get up at a certain time. Your body will be attuned to sunlight and you’re not conscious of it because it reports to hypothalamus, not sight.”

“This applies in the bigger picture to prisons and hospitals. They wake up people and give people the food they don’t want. You’re more biddable because you’re totally out of it. Sleep deprivation is torture.”

“Just by changing the start time you can improve the quality of life for whole generations of children.”

Listen to your body

To put it straight, lack of sleep brings in way more problems than you can even think. It leads to weight gain, anxiety, arrhythmia, anger, etc. And all that could be solved by not waking up before 10 am and getting one more hour of sleep instead. Isn’t it worth trying it out?

Unfortunately, we can’t change the circadian rhythm that the body follows, and neither can we force our own body clock to run in that way. To prove his theory, Dr. Kelly asked several schools across Britain to start their schools at 10 am. This not only gave the students an extra hour of rest, but the consequences were highly surprising- the attendance went up, the concentration, and focus levels skyrocketed. There were no negatives, and everything went smoothly.

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In case you want to know more about Dr. Paul Kelly’s theory, head on to the following video. Although it focuses mostly on teenagers and their requirement for sleep, it should probably give everyone an idea as to how much sleep they require.

This should also give you something to ruminate on, and form your own opinions.

Share this new information of how waking up before 10 am is torture with your friends to help them lead a better life!



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