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Get Ready To Receive The Abundant Gifts Of The Potent Taurus Moon This November

By Souls of Silver

We witness a Full Moon in the sign of Taurus every Scorpio season. This year it’s taking place on 12th November and it’s here to anchor you amidst all the chaos of the cosmos. The expansive energy of the Taurus Moon will help us reap the benefits of our hard work throughout the year.

2020 has many cosmic alignments waiting to upgrade our souls. And 2019 is all about preparing for those changes. Boundaries have been set all year, we have set newer and higher standards for ourselves, and have become more conscious of how our thoughts and actions are affecting those around us. Thoughtful communication has helped us speak the truth without being too brutal. And now all these efforts we put in to improve the self are going to bring us abundance.


As the moon cycle comes to an end, we too look forward to closures with this Taurus Moon. Things that had been worrying us since the beginning of the year will now either be resolved or stop worrying us now. The Moon will safely guide us to reach the closure we seek but it is important that we make the effort to get the energy flowing.


Taurus abundance

This potent Taurus Moon will bring financial abundance in our lives. This is a great time to ask for a raise, find new avenues of income, and even rearrange your existing financial plans to create greater savings. If any unexpected expenditure takes place, remember that money flows. Only when you spend some can you earn some more. Financial abundance is surely one f the agendas of this Full Moon.

And why not be grateful for all this abundance? The year is coming to an end soon take this time to express your gratitude for all the good energy you have received thus far. Even when things did not go according to your plans, you did end up learning something new from them. You can decide on one thing you are grateful for, for each month of the year. Thank the Universe for every little blessing and honor yourself for all that you have survived.

The Material World

The Bull is the material manifestation of the spirit energy. It sends us stability, strength, focus as well as self-assurance. Taurus energy is easily influenced by materialism but on spiritual levels, it can transcend the material to reach higher grounds. Taurus teaches us to look within for what we are seeking.

The Taurus Moon will help us understand what we are fixated upon in the material world. If you think you need to tick certain boxes to fit into any idea others have of you, the Moon will remind you to be your own self. Be comfortable in your own skin with Taurus. Look beyond the 5 sense and you will realize love, joy, and acceptance come from within, not from others. Taurus Moon is bringing abundance but that does not mean it will define you. Missed a deadline? Plans did not go through? Failed a subject in school? Don’t have the latest phone? They don’t define who you are.

You are worthy. You are worthy irrespective of your bank balance, irrespective of your future plans, irrespective of all your achievements and failures. Stop comparing your life to others. We walk different paths and at different speeds. Instead, look within for the answers you seek.

Beaver Moon

Beaver Full Moon

Early colonial Americans and the Algonquin tribes called the Full Moon in November the Beaver Moon. This was due to the fact that this night was the last time they could set traps for beavers. After this lunation, the waters would start freezing. So does this still apply to us? Surely! In fact, this is a great time to set up some tools which could help you ‘trap’ your dreams. The New Moon in Taurus six months back set some ideas in our heads and they have been expanding ever since. This Full Moon is the time to bring them to fruition.

Be open to the changes the Taurus Moon brings and you will be blessed with abundance. The Full Moon will illuminate some great surprises!

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