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Which Zodiacs Make The Most Sensual Lovers?

By Souls of Silver

The kind of person you are in a relationship can be easy to guess if you just look at your zodiac sign. Some people are the type of lovers whose every movement is sensual and reeks of seduction. Others have to try really hard to set a mood. This list tells you which 5 are the most sensual lovers of the zodiac:

1. Cancer

Cancerians are well known for being highly emotional and passionate about everything they do. So it should come as no surprise that this extends to their love lives as well. Some people just have a spark but with Cancer, it is a raging fire. They’re the sensual lovers who will pour their mind, body, heart, and soul into their relationship. Anyone who gets to have Cancer as a partner is incredibly lucky!

2. Scorpio

While Cancer has passion, it is Scorpio’s intensity and fierce sense of loyalty that makes them so sensual. When someone gives them their heart, Scorpio will protect it with all the intensity of a thousand blazing suns. You can trust Scorpio with your life and you will not be sorry because they would rather hurt themselves than betray you in any way. This is the same intensity they have in bed as well and you can expect things to get hot and heavy real soon if you’re with a Scorpio.

3. Libra

Chronic people-pleasers, it is no surprise that Libras are the type of sensual lovers who will pay attention to your every need. They also have a strong sense of justice that ensures that they do their best to fight for those who are oppressed and disadvantaged. At the end of the day, that is the passion they demonstrate in their relationships as well, earning them a well-deserved place in this list.

4. Pisces

The greatest empaths of the zodiac, Pisces can read others better than any other sign. They can sense their needs and desires, more so when it is a person they care deeply about. This openness that they share with their partner ensures that they’re the type of lover who knows exactly what their partner wants even before they can say it out loud. Sensuous and sultry but also known for their dreaminess, a relationship with Pisces is definitely on a higher vibration than others.

5. Aries

Ambition drives Aries to greater heights every time and this is complemented by their boundless creativity and determination. Aries will pursue everything they want till they get it and this is what they’re like in relationships as well. They show the same single-minded determination when it comes to being a caring, loving partner, both emotionally and physically.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that other signs of the zodiac won’t make for good partners. There’s a lot to be said for compatibility as well and some signs just match better than others.

But when it comes down to it, these five signs are just a little more talented in being truly sensual lovers than the rest.

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