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5 Ways To Shield Your Aura From Negative Energy

By Souls of Silver

In our world, both positive energy and negative energy tend to rule. The best we can do is ward off negative energy and embrace all the positive energy that we can. Now, it is not always possible for us to go through this. Sometimes, negative energy finds a way to get inside our body and mess with our energy systems.

The problem with the negative energy is that it affects your positive energy levels, drains it, and makes you feel depressed. Negative energy has the power to make you feel weary and weak. You have to protect your own aura, so that you can shield yourself from all kinds of negative energy:

1. Shut Down Your Aura

When your aura is open, it collects a lot of energy from all around you. It has the ability to expand about six feet and hence, any kind of energy levels that it can attract, it will consume. Generally, when you are in a closed setting, there is a chance of collecting negative energy from around you. So, the best thing to do is to close down your aura. You can either command the aura levels to come close to you, if you have that much control of your energy levels. If not, then you can simply cross your legs and arms and sit like that.

2. Be Aware Of Your Environment

Be aware of where you are and the energies that are present around you. Know the history of the place well enough. When you know about the place you are in, you will be aware of the source of negative energy. That way, you can shut down your aura at that particular point. Plus, knowing the source strengthens your ability to shield yourself against negative energy. Also, don’t try to stay in a single place full of negative energy for too long, to shield your aura from negative energy.

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3. Negative Reactions

When you are in an argument, it’s easy to become negative. You try to fight off negative energy by becoming negative yourself. You have to understand that fire can’t fight with fire. Surround yourself with positive energy and use that to safeguard yourself.

4. Meditation And Exercising

Health is essential to keep a positive mindset and ward off negative mindset. So, meditate and exercise. Keep your body fit and healthy and that way, you can keep the blood in your body flowing in all the corners of your body. While exercise cleanses the body, meditation cleanses the aura.

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5. Energy Shield

Finally, use your mind to imagine a semi-permeable shield around yourself. It is permeable so that you can release your positive energy to the world but you do not receive any negative energy. It works both ways. All you have to do now is to imagine hard and keep your imagination strong enough to hold the shield in place.

Fight off negative energy with all your strength.

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