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The Multiple Meanings Of A Forehead Kiss

By Souls of Silver

“Promise to give me a kiss on my brow….”– Victor Hugo

There is something intimate and warm about kisses. It is a language that two people experiencing a special bond will understand. A father bestowing a goodnight kiss on his daughter’s forehead, a mother hurriedly kissing her son on the forehead before leaving for work, a sister doing the same to her brother or even a best friend giving an occasional sweet kiss. If these actions do not take us by surprise, why do we invest some extra thought when a lover gives a forehead kiss? Is it a sign of respect or is there some other message behind it? Let us decode the hidden meaning behind a forehead kiss:

Multitude of Meaning

Every gesture, however small it might be, will have several underlying implications. We, humans, are complex creatures and sometimes our words don’t go hand in hand with our actions. A kiss shows the purest affection and love. Love again has a thousand shades – but the forehead kiss is usually a token of fluff.

Is it a blessing from our loved one?

Why do we expect only our elders to bless us? A blessing is a gesture that shows how much we adore a person and how we want them to succeed in life. It is an expression of unconditional love that can come not only from our elders but our peers too. You really don’t need elaborate words to bless someone, or follow any rulebook – such gestures are often emotional and spontaneous. In this world that is increasingly becoming self-centered, if your partner still kisses you on the forehead as a blessing, you are extremely lucky.

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It is not sexual in nature

The words love and lust seems to confuse a lot of people. The ones who enter a new relationship are often unsure of the other’s intentions because the fear of not being on the same page is daunting. A kiss on the forehead can be a reassurance in such cases because it shows that your partner doesn’t treat you like a sex toy, there is genuine love. Such a gesture coupled with warm hugs and holding hands are underrated signs of intimacy which isn’t purely sexual. If you wish to see the starry night wrapped in your lover’s arms, this gesture proves you have chosen the right person!

You are respected

If you wake up to a sweet kiss on the forehead or your partner receives you with such a kiss at the end of a long day, don’t you feel really blessed? Little things matter the most in relationships and this definitely shows that you are respected. What is love without respect? For two people to co-exist, respecting one another’s life choices is important.

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Beyond the self

True love is never selfish and self-seeking. If your partner only focuses on his or her own needs then he is on the path of self-gratification and not love. On the other hand, if your partner has a thousand commitments and still bestows a small kiss on your forehead before dealing with everything else, it shows that you are valued. It is things like this that tell you where you stand in a person’s life.

A protective gesture

By this, we don’t mean that your partner will control you in the name of protection, it is just that he or she will express that no matter what happens, they will be by your side. It is a symbol of reassurance and responsibility.

Touching your soul

A forehead kiss is close to your third eye chakra which connects to your soul, never thought about it? The kiss shows that your partner loves your mind and your soul alike.

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Other things

It also depends on what stage your relationship is in, it is a kiss to denote the beginning or the end? The culmination of love or the fading of it? These are things only you can understand.

A forehead kiss can be a lot of things but it is extremely pure in its essence. So, value people who bestow such kisses!

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