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Meet Your Inner Self With These 4 Pluto Retrograde Crystals

By Souls of Silver

Many have been arguing about the validity of Pluto as a planet for quite some time, but in astrology, it is still a significant planet. This year, the retrograde of Pluto commenced on the 24th of April and continues until the 3rd of October. During this Pluto retrograde, making use of crystals for healing will be beneficial.

This is also a good time to cut off all the fear of the subconscious mind and let your intuition lead you.

It is quite a daunting task to get in touch with ourselves. However, this is precisely what the Pluto retrograde is compelling us to undertake. We believe that in this Pluto retrograde, these crystals will bring meaningful assistance to you.

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Pluto is the ruler of our vices and our secrets. In case, we have addictions that rule our lives, the retrograde of Pluto is going to compel us to do something about them. Hematite shall ground oneself to reality and help us get rid of this poisonous stagnancy.

Usage: Make hematite your guide and practice some breathing to ground yourself. Place both feet flat on the floor and stand up, hold the stone in one hand and proceed to respire 11 times, inhaling from your nose and exhaling from the mouth. Try to practice this outdoors while placing your feet on soil or even grass.


The retrograde of Pluto is bound to highlight issues which relate to control and power. It is helpful if we can find it in ourselves to gather some courage to make meaningful changes in our being. The power of shadows comes from the darkness and this stone destroys that dark power with its light.

Usage: Put a crystal of citrine in a jar of pure spring water or distilled water. Allow the liquid to get charged for a day, placing it in a spot with adequate sunlight. Transfer the water to a spritz bottle, and then, spritz your space or even yourself in case you ever require a boost in confidence or a boost in your willpower.


The crystal is the subject of fascination to a large number of people, because it had been formed due to a meteor impact with our planet. Hence, it is pretty obvious that it brings us celestial vibes and seeds of stars. It bears mysterious energy just like the dark, unknown, and vast expanses of our subconscious.

Usage: When in contact with this stone, a sensation of warmth starts in the hands and then makes its way all across the body. It is due to its perspective-changing properties. Hold it in your hand and direct your energy through it.


This is one of the most ideal stones that one can hold close during a retrograde of Pluto. The deep reflective surface of obsidian is representative of its properties to make us see what is truly facing us. Obsidian also protects us against the dark and negative energy as well as depressive moods that one might be susceptible to in the months to come.

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Usage: Due to the shiny surface of the rock, several individuals use this for scrying. Dim down all the lights, allowing the eyes to adjust to the dimness. Open the mind to different circumstances and identify each fleeting thought as you let it go. With a topic in your head, gaze onto the shiny surface and relax the eyes even further. Attempt to decipher the images which make their appearance on the stone. Try to comprehend how they might be related to the issue at hand.

Which rock intrigues you the most?

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