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Astral Travel: Understanding This Phenomenon

Astral Travel is the belief where your soul can leave the body and visit other places on the Earth and in the Universe. This is also known as soul travel and is taught along with meditation techniques and by repeating mantras in Sehaj Yoga. You can visit the several planes of Heaven by following such practices.

Astral Travel: What Is It?

You can feel Astral Travel as an experience where you will be far away yet not leave the room. You will feel your spirit roam around places, a thousand miles away. It would seem that everything was space-less.

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Astral Travel was documented by several historians. Helena Blavatsky founded the Theosophical Society and taught people how to transcend the body through spirit travel to anywhere.

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Eckankar describes Astral Travel as a movement of your soul close to the Heart of God. The soul may be experienced separate from the body and travel, consciously, in other planes of reality. You can attain this by shifting your awareness from the body to the inner planes of existence.

People Talk About Their Experiences In Astral Travel

Dr. Raymond Moody identified 9 elements of a near-death experience. These were the accounts of people who experienced their consciousness floating above their physical bodies. Others had seen themselves undergo surgery or receive life-saving assistance. He invented this term in 1975 and defined the common qualities of these experiences.

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Several people have undergone Astral Travel without understanding what actually happened. It is much more than just feeling anxious from an out-of-body experience. You will feel remote and view everything around you. You will also be able to speak to other souls who are undergoing Astral Travel themselves.

We travel in our dreams while sleeping and might not remember the elements when we wake up. In the case of Astral Travel, you would have information about the incident.

Science does not have proof about its existence but can not reject it either and scientists might discover a way to see it happen. They will understand more things about it. The pineal gland inside the brain is a miraculous part of this phenomenon.

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Metaphysics Can Also Teach About Astral Travel

Metaphysics will teach you that you can fly or walk through walls and experience several streams of consciousness in the Astral world. You will also be taught to be in control of your thoughts to choose your experiences. You can attract bad energies if you fail to do so. If you are highly depressed, do not practice this. You should enter the astral world with a pleasant frame of mind.

Astral Travel will allow you to become attuned to the Universal energies available the several life forms. You can call on the metaphysical abilities that will help you bring peace, healing, and calmness that you deserve. You can study the different methods and techniques that are available. Practice is important as it can affect your dream state. You can exit a dream and re-enter it again, with time and practice. The past beliefs that you have will evolve into a greater understanding of your transformation. Souls are alive in human bodies with divine connections to help us connect, survive and thrive.



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