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Uncertainty- Living At The Edge Of Life

By Souls Of Silver

Have you ever wondered why it is that we fear uncertainty to such an extent that we keep running away from it? Well, it is mostly because we are afraid of the unknown- the one that is yet to take place. And this is precisely the zone of the uncertain. Once we put ourselves into a place that forces us to look for newer avenues, we immediately try to take recourse to familiar things.

We don’t realize that the more we shift from a state of uncertainty to a state of certainty, we are simply letting ourselves fall into a plateau. To develop, to grow, we need to be pushed to our limits. We must be thrown off the deep end so we end up learning how to swim.


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The Edge Of Uncertainty Is Still A Familiar Place

Remember, we are not telling you to take a jump off the cliff. Stay at the edge of the mountain and try to trust the ground beneath you. If you have even an iota of familiarity whilst residing in uncertainty, the subsequent steps would be much easier. We understand that trying to be reckless with one’s survival can get pretty dangerous- hence the best thing to do would be to tether yourself to some roots. 

The place of uncertainty isn’t the deep forest- rather it is the moor to it. You are a few steps into the forest, but you can still see the road outside. You are safe, and yet you are daring. Try exploring, take baby steps. Time isn’t running as fast as you think it is- for you simply need to have that belief in yourself that you will persevere.

Also, don’t forget that you are simply trying to formulate your identity. You are asking yourself the one question that has troubled everyone for eons- who am I?

Here are a few things you can do to deal with the uncertainty of a situation. 

Pick A Schedule

Fix a time and stick to it. If you keep saying that you will do it at some point in time- you are never going to end up doing it. You need to remind yourself constantly.

Pick Anything That Puts You At The Edge of Uncertainty


It could be anything- from asking the person you like, out to writing a thesis. Remember, don’t do it because it feels hard- do it because it has some meaning to your life. Do it because it is significant to your existence. 

Embrace What Follows

The place you are in will probably not be pleasant- but this shouldn’t deter you. You are staying out of your comfort zone, and yet you are surviving. Take strength from that notion- for it will help you grow. 

Show Kindness

To yourself. You can be compassionate towards the whole world, but it wouldn’t matter a dime if you aren’t kind to your own self. Believe in yourself, and give it your best shot. Sure, it is uncertainty we are dealing with- but not an impossibility. 

Uncertainty forces us to reconcile with everything that we are running away from. As they say, this is our trial by fire- and when we come out the other way we are a lot stronger than we were previously. 

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