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March Equinox: Take A Step From Darkness Into Light

By Souls Of Silver

Spring is closing in on the Northern Hemisphere as we near the arrival of its harbinger, the March Equinox. Needless to say, Spring brings with itself a ‘newness’. It brings possibilities that translate into fresh starts. But this March Equinox has another mystery up its sleeve. Let’s delve into it to understand the spiritual significance of March 20th.

This year, the Northern Hemisphere will welcome Spring on the 20th of March. The Equinox is supposed to happen in Northern Europe at 10:37 A.M. CET and in North America at 5:37 A.M. Essentially, this is the day that brings an end to long nights and marks the beginning of longer days.

Spiritual Importance Of The March Equinox

As you might have probably guessed by now, this March Equinox is all about stepping out of the shadow. The past year has shown us the importance of daylight in every sense of the word. After being cooped up inside our homes, it is finally time to step out and enjoy a fresh beginning.

march equinox
march equinox

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This is the time when the sun takes over the moon. This, in effect, has a lot of impact on the human mind and body. The energy that surrounds us reaches a turning point with this special Equinox. Our creative forces take lead and the forces of darkness finally recede to the background. But what does this mean for you?

Turn From Darkness Into Light

As darkness transforms into daylight, your soul feels lighter. Your vision becomes clearer. You can see the road that you had walked on and the road in front of you. People who lost their sense of purpose during the pandemic days, for instance, might find their guiding light again. Moreover, when the darkness lifts, it seems as though a layer of fog has been lifted. All the confusion that you were carrying in your mind is likely to find clarity during the March Equinox.

All of us spent the previous year trying to curl up inside our blankets to shield ourselves from reality and life. But now the time has come to drop that blanket and come out into the daylight.

To make this clearer, let us take the example of a blooming flower. All night it stays within its bud, trying to find a path to come out into the world. No matter how hard it tries, it seems confused and stuck. But the daylight brings another color to the story. The flower blooms naturally in daylight.

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Your soul is going through something similar. Imagine being burdened by a cloud of uncertainty, sorrow, and hopelessness. This Equinox will sow seeds of courage and passion in your souls. It will help you return to light, clarity, and hope.

Magnify Your Creative Potential

To add to this, you can also expect your creative potentialities to magnify. Darkness shrouds our imagination to a great extent. It curbs our innovative spirit. However, with the onset of the March Equinox, it is a matter of time that you return to being your best self.

We often fail to realize that we are parts of this Universe like the water, earth, trees and so on. Just as the Moon and the Sun experience cycles and the waters of the ocean are affected by such cycles, we too, are impacted by these cycles. Our minds

This March will also be a time of self-introspection. Rather than blaming your surroundings for your conditions, it is time to take responsibility for your life. Sometimes, inertia overpowers our will to do anything or even try. The 2021 Spring Equinox will show us that most of what you go through is contingent on our inaction and lack of courage.

So, this March, you can take the opportunity to free yourselves from these shackles that bind you physically and mentally.



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