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Want To Avoid Energy Blockages? Try Simple Shamanic Steps To Avoid Subconscious Stress In Hard Times

By Souls Of Silver

As a collective species, this is the worst of times that we are going through. But if you are thinking that there is nothing we can do about it, then this article has come to you at the right time.

It is true that the world is currently surrounded by a thick fog of uncertainty, instability, and an overwhelming sense of a lack of control over everything. As humans, we don’t particularly enjoy that feeling, hence the stress. Whether manifested consciously or hidden away in our subconscious, stress always finds a way to come haunt us.

Subconscious stress is the one that is more difficult to pinpoint. It’s invisible and hence more disturbing to the welfare of our soul. It is present in subtle actions like having the urge to binge comfort food, excessive irritability, a constant lack of desire, and so on.

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Our times are inebriated with such frustration that finally leads to energy blocks and contractions in our souls. There is a phrase that has picked up momentum among people. It says don’t let the pandemic get to you. For that, there are some simple shamanic steps you can follow to get yourself out of the rut of energy blocks and subconscious stress. Let’s take a closer look.

What To Do To Avoid Subconscious Stress And Energy Blocks?

1: Ease your subconscious by letting your soul dip into the wide range of emotions you feel at a given moment. More than expressing, feel all the emotions within you.

2: Engage in physical exercises. Run, play, breathe, cry, or scream. Let yourself be a human again and not a mole cooped up in the ground.

3: If you’re in a constant state of fear or anxiety, pause. Take a moment to indulge your fears or the collective tragedy of the times. Think of the worst that can happen but learn to let go of that fear and shift your focus to the best possible outcomes.

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4: Do not lose social contact. Make new friends, keep talking, and engaging in debates and discussions.

5: Build something by yourself. It can be a potted plant that you are parenting, or a piece of art, or a new dish you tried your hands on.

Try out these simple techniques to embrace a life without subconscious stress or energy blocks.



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