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Self Love Healing: What Can Go Wrong And How To Restore It

By Souls of Silver

True self-love is not about just oneself. But the ability to embrace who you are and including all within its boundary. You learn to take care of yourself with reverence and compassion. You nourish and expand your frontier. It is way above how we treat ourselves. You also need to mull over how you feel and think about the self.

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A Wrong Interpretation Of Self-Love

The concept of self-love has gained adherence. We are supposed to love all about ourselves. The high and mighty have no reason to feel any regrets or shame about who they are. But each one of us is unhappy with certain aspects of ourselves and would more than love to change them.

Revamping The Concept

We need to clear up some misconceptions concerning self-love. Being with the self and caring for it, is not what we make it out to be.

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1. Self Love And Care Are Different

Self-love should not be mixed up with the routine we practice every day for our health. It is more of an all-encompassing concern for our welfare and by extension the well-being of all who are part of our life. We learn to take more care of our world when we are concerned for our well-being.

2. It Is More About Inner Care

We have reduced it to numbers and figures to be achieved. But it is not an objective to be met. It is not about unblemished portraits of us, but how healed we are inside.

Your heart and your mind are more in need of love than your hair or your skin. The perfect body comes only when you have achieved inner peace.

3. You Don’t Have To Love Every Aspect About Yourself

Perfection is not the end purpose of self-love. It is rather more about acceptance of the self and finding ways to improve upon it. Recognize that you change every day.

4. Use Its Power To Stand Out

Have faith in what you believe and stand up for it. Learn to peel away from the crowd and judge each cause on its merit. Believe and dare to stand out in a world which forces you to move with the crowd. But you do not always have to swim against the tide to prove your point.

5. Self Love Never Ends At A Point

Self-love has no final destination. Each day brings with it new awareness about yourself. Each day is a learning process and that makes it all the more beautiful. Be focused on what you ultimately want in life and work towards it. And you will change along the way, so factor that in on your journey.

6. What Works For One Might Not Work For Another

You are the best person to decide what you want, what makes you belong, and what keeps you happy and content. You are your own master. For that, you need to be honest with yourself and your wishes and desires.

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7. It Is Never About Being Self-Centered

self love

Many times we have turned away from the concept of loving oneself because we mistake it as being selfish or narcissistic. But it is just the opposite. It is about the poise and confidence that comes with knowing that you are at peace with the world. Love and respect for the self translate to it for the community and the world around you. It reduces the pain and pessimism all around.  

The day we decide to follow the path of self-love, we have gone forward on our pledge to lessen the wounds in this world. We have begun our life journey of love and compassion, beginning with ourselves.



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