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Equinox Rituals To Follow This Spring

By Souls of Silver

Spring has come, which is great news for those looking forward to the end of the winter. Equinox rituals will help you welcome Spring. Since Spring began in the Northern Hemisphere at 8:33 a.m. PT and 11:33 a.m. ET on March 20, 2022, the day of the vernal equinox, is a sign.

Since the hours of night and day are almost equal during both the spring and fall equinoxes, the word “equinox” is derived from the Latin words “equal” and “night.” March’s seasonal change is commemorated by celebrations such as Japan’s Vernal Equinox Day or Nowruz, the Persian New Year, which is enjoyed by 300 million people worldwide.

Equinox Rituals To Help To Cleanse Your Soul

Here are 6 equinox rituals that will help you manifest your dreams:-

Make A New, Spring Altar

Create a fresh altar. Out with the old, in with the new. Spring equinox is the best time to start afresh. Here are a few altar recommendations to consider:

Colors: Gold or green

Crystals:  Amber, Citrine, green aventurine, chrysoprase, carnelian

Flowers:  Daffodils, marigolds, sunflowers

Herbs:  cinnamon, St. John’s wort, burdock root, rose, chamomile, and jasmine

Food:  oranges, lemons, seeds, any spring vegetable or fruits

Offerings: Paper money or coin for wealth and then add a short prayer for tranquility.

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Bless Water

Take an empty bowl and a container of water. Sit quietly and then breathe slowly. Then pour water 4 times into your empty bowl, infusing each pour with intention:

First, offer gratitude for your energy and vitality.

Second, appreciate our ancestors and everything they have done for us.

Third, appreciate future opportunities.

Fourth, appreciate the good and the bad and the balance.

Silently sanctify the water. Pour the blessed water into a small bottle and drink throughout the day. It is a good ritual to assimilate your blessings. So, do this once a week.Equinox Rituals

Make Vows To Yourself In This Equinox Ritual

Make sure that you are there to protect yourself. Treat yourself like you would treat someone you love. Take a sheet of paper and write a promise to yourself. Make simple vows that make you feel loved, protected, and cherished. Put it in a place where it catches your eye and you can read it daily. 

Eg; I promise to put myself and my needs first.

Make a promise to show yourself kindness and forgiveness.

I promise to love myself and accept who I am.

Reiterate your vows and wrap a red thread around your left wrist. It symbolizes your fate and acts as a reminder that how you treat yourself affects your future. Keep it on until it drops off.

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Document Your Desires

Equinox Rituals think about your wishes and desires and write them on a piece of paper. Take your time and think about what your heart truly desires. After writing them down burn the piece of paper in an incombustible bowl. Collect the ashes and put them in a cup or a tissue. Bury it with the hopes of your desires taking root and manifesting themselves in your life. Pray to our Mother Earth and offer her flowers and fruits.

Equinox Rituals Will Help You Nurture Yourself

In a room ignite a small candle and sit in front of it. Then place your hand on your core and the other on your belly. Take a few deep breaths and consume 6 pomegranate seeds since each seed represents something.

First seed for self-esteem and self-nourishment

Second seed for energy, creativity, devotion, procreation, and desire

Third seed for charity—the tenderness of heart that cures all scars and loves everything and everyone for who they are. 

Fourth Seed for empathy—the tenderness of the soul that cures all scars and loves everything and everyone for who they are. 

Fifth seed of wisdom and comprehension.

Sixth seed for celebrating all cycles, comprehending the feminine process of life, and knowing that each end is a renewal.

Assemble Spring Care Bags For This Equinox Ritual

Take a bag and fill it with energy bars or nuts, fruits and vegetables, chocolate, motivational notes (e.g., You are doing incredible! I’m proud of you <3), and other things that you would like to put. Then, you could include a 5-dollar note and a little crystal. However, what you share is entirely your decision. Create as many care packages as possible and then distribute them to strangers. If given to the homeless you could add basic necessities like a brush, toothpaste, and a pair of socks. So, may make a big impact on someone’s well-being.

These rituals will celebrate the beginning of a new phase of your life. Therefore, it will assist you to leave behind toxicity and embrace peace and clarity.



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