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Root Chakra- Healing It In 4 Ways

By Souls of Silver

One’s root chakra can make the very difference between life and death- if the pathways aren’t cleared enough for energy to flow. In fact, the very feeling of being ungrounded has always been one of the major challenges that empaths and energy workers face. This happens especially to those who work with spirits in the higher dimensions. And yet, staying grounded seems to be a critical part of everything that an individual does.

root chakra

One needs to think of their energy as something akin to a house- without a stable base, the entire house will find itself affected. One needs to therefore activate and heal the main chakra as it is verily the key to being safe, supported, and seen- regardless of whatever would happen around you. 

Here are 4 Different Ways To Heal Your Root Chakra

1. Connecting With Nature

One of the best ways to deal with your root chakra would be to get enmeshed with nature. As it stands, when was the last time that you found yourself connected with Mother Earth? If you are an energy worker and have been looking to create a healthy balance between self-care, work, family, and friends, it can get pretty easy to forget the relationship that you share with Gaia.

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You need to find the time to go outside regularly and get grounded. It can be in any form or manner that you feel is suitable. In fact, it could be as simple as walking through the park or a few minutes that you spend meditating or doing yoga in the grass. 

2. Bringing Gaia Into Your Home

Another way to heal your root chakra would be to bring Gaia into your household. When you start decorating your meditation space, your bedroom, or any other area throughout your home, you need to set the intention to center and ground the vibrations that are around you.

You could do this with gemstones, plants, or any form of spiritual tools that would help you feel stable and protected. One could also take their spiritual tools a step further by creating their own Root Chakra altar- which they would then fill with things that would symbolize one’s connection to the Earth. 

3. Working With Gem Stones

Thirdly, you also have several Root Chakra- opening gemstones that you would be able to work with. Some of the major favorites would be jet, black tourmaline, red jasper, onyx, and red aventurine. You could also start incorporating these stones into any form of meditation or healing work that you have a proclivity towards.

root chakra

You could also create a Root Chakra crystal grid, or start placing the gemstones on your altar. It would help you stabilize the energy around your space. Crystal jewelry also comes highly recommended- so you will be able to harness the magic wherever you go. 

4. Grounding Affirmations

The last way to deal with Root Chakra healing has to do with affirmations. As it stands, they are an extremely quick way to start shifting one’s vibrations. All you need to do is take some time out to write and memorize two to three personal grounding affirmations. Remember, they need to be something that you can return to whenever you feel the need to center your energy.

If you think you need some inspiration- there are a few ways to get that started. You could affirm that you are safe within this life and this body. You can also talk about accepting the resources of Mother Earth. 

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As you can guess from the name, the Root Chakra is usually the root of everything that makes you. When you tend to this energy center, you would give yourself the stability and nourishment that is required to grow. 



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