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Self-Help: 21 Routines To Help You Attain Complete Self-Love

By Souls Of Silver

We are attuned to care for others. Everyone often teaches us to reach out for the benefit of society. Seldom have we dwelled upon the importance of self-love. And it has been defined more as a human flaw than a basic human attribute. 

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What Does Self-Love Mean?

Love must be truly universal. And self-love is about showing the same understanding and compassion for oneself. You learn to accept your flaws, nurture your qualities and respect yourself for what you are. 

But then self-love is not about being selfish. Your love for yourself makes you complete. And confident in your abilities. You acquire the courage to confront the demons that assail you. You attain self-assurance to identify things that trouble and restrain you. And finally, you gain the courage and the necessity to exercise your inner-demons. It helps you to do the things that are best for you. And make the right decisions.

Every step you take for your well-being serves to benefit everyone around you. A person who professes self-love is conscious that he can hurt himself by hurting others. It is never egotism or narcissism. But is an opposing term.

21 Ways To Love Yourself

It may be initially difficult to accept our flawed concept of goodness and respect. But it makes no sense to go along with a society that is faulty in view. One can truly achieve this by following these 21 steps:

  1. Food that is processed and has high-fat is harmful. Hence, a diet that harms the body scars the soul and mind.
  2. Inner-voices distract and lead us away from the chosen path. They sow disharmony within us. We need to be aware of them and shut them out.
  3. Books make us think, inspire, and challenge our wit, uplift the mind. Thus, keeping it refreshed and agile. It broadens our horizons and makes us reach self-love.
  4. Exercise the ghosts that lurk in your inner-mind. Your physical, spiritual and mental health depends on solving inner conflicts.
  5. Self-hypnosis also helps. Hence, use it to keep negative thoughts away.
  6. Getting the right amount of sleep helps you to recover and rejuvenate. It allows you to deal with depression. Thus, it also helps you in physical recovery.
  7. You need not be loud to assert yourself. Be quiet but confident and emphatic and attain self-love.
  8. The wrong beliefs and assumptions spring from low self-esteem. Hence, t leads to wrong desires in us. 
  9. Be your best friend and closest confidante. Treat yourself with the same compassion as you would treat your closest friends.
  10. Give regular time for seclusion in your life. These periods of solitude help the body and soul relax. It gives us the time to ponder. Thus, it helps us in self-love.
  11. Looking inwards is the key to mental balance. We can achieve this through meditation. It takes practice, but the benefits are huge.
  12. Weed out people who impart negativity in it. Toxic people divert you from self-love. And inject all that is destructive and undesirable in life.
  13. Be in the company of people who contribute to your mental well-being. Such people reach out and heal others as they have self-love. 
  14. Be confident of your inner wisdom. Thus, learn to trust that inner voice. Learn to be intuitive in your responses.
  15. We allow ourselves to drift away from nature. It is time we return to it. By being supportive of nature, we heal all those around us. Thus, including self-love.
  16. Keeping the body fit rejuvenates the mind. Hence, exercise regularly.
  17. It is time we cut down the time we spend on social media. It does little more than feeding our craving for attention. And halts our ability to self-love.
  18. The benefits of color therapy are immense. Thus, surround yourself with colors to heal you. 
  19. Set time aside to pursue your passion. The things that make you happy.
  20. Identify the causes of stress in your life. Devise ways to eliminate them. Unreasonable demands are a major cause of anxiety. Pare down your expectations. Reach for self-love.
  21. Learn to live with your flaws. Improve upon them when the opportunity arises. Hence, reach your strengths. 

Keep a little time to improve. Build upon your strengths. Wherever possible, check your shortcomings. Note down your gifts and build upon them whenever the chance comes. 

Self-love is vital to your well-being. Hence, like the air, you breathe.



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