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Karmic Relationship: Lessons On Life

By Souls of Silver

We share a close bond with many but the one that defines a karmic relationship is between souls who share a unique kinship; and are members of a ‘soul group.’

They are our closest relative when it comes to sharing a particular level of power, and they contribute a lot to our intellectual well-being. But as with all relationships, there might be both good times and tough times, the road isn’t always smooth and straight.

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The Forms And Characteristics Of Karmic Relationships

karmic relationship

A karmic relationship takes different forms and types and we experience quite a lot of them in our journey. But we need to concentrate on the ones that are surely the most positive and optimistic concerning our inner feelings. They help up traverse all our struggles and gain inner wisdom in the process.

This form of karmic relationship is defined by the concept of sharing as we learned a lot from others and teach them much in return. But these relationships do not last and peter out as we internalize the available wisdom.

The more common type is the passionate, raw, and unrestrained. Such relationships are more passionate and frequently lead to a lot of excitement resulting from constant interaction that is verbal, novel, and intensely intellectual.

Our relationship will constantly be tested by this partner as they challenge us. And this interaction and the resulting criticism will lead to constant and continual improvement. We would try to desist from any judgment, instead of placing great stress on building up our patience.

The end of such a relationship will inevitably lead to someone getting wounded. The third of these important relationships will teach us one of the trickiest lessons so far. These karmic relationships will appear to be considerable, and we will realize that we are taking great strides forward.

But such a karmic relationship is temporal and fleeting. The Universe will connive to pull us apart. We will pick up the emotional abilities, and inner knowledge that will aid us in coming to terms with heartbreak, rejection, and loss.

The Correct Purpose Of A True Karmic Relationship

Such a karmic relationship will test us. We will constantly improve and evolve from the continuous disapproval, we would need to suspend any form of judgment and lay stress on being more patient.

There is always the danger of someone getting hurt in such a relationship. This third form of karmic relationship is important as it will ultimately teach us many important life lessons. This relationship will always make up feel substantial and we will feel and measure the progress that it brings to our lives.  

But this is also short-lived. The universe conspires to keep apart such relationships. We learn several emotional skills and they aid us in dealing with heartbreak, rejection, and much less.

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Getting To Know The Purpose

A karmic relationship helps us to imbibe all those lessons that will aid us in our intense spiritual journey. Each one of these relationships will add to our experience and wisdom, which we will apply later on in life.

Each karmic relationship is unique because we are each different as individuals. This process will allow us to sync all our vigor with our true ideal. This will enable us to raise the vibrations as we journey towards enlightenment.

The Final Destination Of Our Karmic Relationship

karmic relationship

But then there is a different purpose too. Our journey ends through the meeting with our twin flame. Thus, every preceding journey will help us prepare for that final and inevitable journey.

The main difference in our karmic relationship with our twin flame and all those who precede it is that finally, we are more prepared to concentrate our energies in moving forward.

And as we continue on to our final destination, we confront our ordeals, injuries, and struggles and keep going through it all. This purifies and makes us better able to handle our final relationship with more competence and poise.



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