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Feeling Low? Self Love Could Be Your Medicine

By Souls of Silver

“Self-love” is a pretty common word which is sprinkled here and there on Instagram blogs, personal blogs, and articles in so many magazines. In case “self-love” is something you are not acquainted with, it signifies the thought that our living is molded around how we feel about ourselves.

Love for our own lives starts with loving ourselves.

But have you realized that it is possible to cultivate self-love?

Personally, I have read, inhaled, and exhaled worthiness, acceptance and self-love, attempting to intentionally manufacture my future. Yet, it was frustrating at times because it appeared to be a hit or a miss.

My cultivation was half correct at best, yet it was difficult to ascertain why, until I happened to glance beneath the surface.

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Now, the visions I had in mind are mostly fulfilled: owning a house in Bali, gaining an important modeling assignment and full house in my personal retreat homes at Ibiza and Bali.

How is it that I transformed into a champion at cultivating myself and harnessing that energy?

It is rather simple.

I focused on self-love.

In order to really get the things that we desire, we need to become the appropriate match for them, to begin with.

For example, a client of mine wanted to generate money for this new and genius business idea which she had, but even after putting all her focus into making her vision a reality, money was just not coming her way.

When she discussed her miserable feeling of defeat, I realized the issue. The deeper her obsession with her failure grew, the further she got away from her desire.

For example, if someone keeps on complaining about the failures they are experiencing in their life, you wouldn’t really want to stay around them. You will definitely be sympathetic towards them, but such people exhaust you mentally.

It is not pleasant to be round that sort of energy. And the Universe agrees.

If it is your desire to make your wishes come true, it is essential to think like you already possess them.

That is how you develop towards becoming an appropriate match for the manifestations that you desire to achieve.

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People with a lot of self-love happen to manifest like champions.

Just follow these steps to get yourself into the position of manifesting:-

Probe yourself, “How is it that I feel right now?”

You might have been negative lately even without understanding it. And well, to be honest, it is when we feel negative that we manifest negative things.

Next, question yourself: “How is it that I would like to feel otherwise?”

This is when the magic of cultivating self-love occurs.

Once we are able to ascertain how we are to feel, it just an act of translating that into reality.

With this new mindset, go out there and see how the world changes in response to your manifestations. Love yourself; the things you truly desire and the world will definitely become a better place.

If you are feeling the waves of self-love, then share this article with your friends and encourage them to fall in love with themselves.



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