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Shamanic Healing: 6 Ways To Interact With The Spirits To Guide You Away From The Dark 

 By Souls of Silver

The coronavirus has aggravated the challenges we face in our everyday life. And navigating through each day has become a challenge, with issues covering the entire gamut from health, personal and economic. We have all been touched by the pandemic. But while we cannot address every issue at once, Shamanic healing can help us out through these depressing times and help us grow and glow.

Humans have deviated much from the chosen path, in every aspect of life including ourselves, the structures, our behavior, and our attitude towards one another. We need to be pulled back at times from this digression from the path. This state is akin to one of unconsciousness or addiction. Owning up to what is right is never more difficult than running away from it. And Shamanic Healing can help you address these issues.

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Even the spirits have called for us to awaken and align with the forces of spirituality. It isn’t a call to repent but a call to pause and relook at all that life has given us, and the way we have either ignored or wronged it.

The pandemic will ultimately show the way to a different normal, but instead of looking so far into the future, we need to prepare for it. These shamanic practices for healing should help you in your inner journey to the new light.

1. Reaching Out To Your Ancestors Through Shamanic Healing

When all seems lost and foreboding, turning to our ancestors as they are our supreme guiding spirit. Keep a corner in your house that contains all that was dear to your ancestors, and candles for pure light. Connect with your ancestors through these items.shamanic healing

Touch the right temple with a finger. Then look at it and request him to connect and come through. Appeal to them for a sign that they have arrived. It could be a vision or an awareness that courses through your body. As you finally feel their presence, seek their guidance to hold your hand and lead you through your predicament.

2. Make Your Fun Box

At times take the simple way to lead you through troubled times. keep yourself engaged through writing down various activities on bits of paper; things you would love to make a part of your life. It could be learning how to dance, picking up a language, or a dance. Place all these activities in a box. And then each day, pick out one activity from a box and indulge in it.

3. Heal The Past With Shamanic Healing

We all have leftover tasks with almost every one of our acquaintances. Things that we had to say, a place we wanted to visit, or maybe a song that we intended to sing someday. Make a list and reach out. Apologize to them if you have wronged them that caused you to lose touch with them. take them to someplace beautiful and feel the negative energy go out of your relationship.

4. Connect To The Earth To Be Healed

To be at one with the earth through shamanic healing, you need to lie down with your body touching the bare earth. Then utter aloud words that will bring you the greatest form of contact with the earth by bringing in streams of healing energy and ridding the body of all that is negative.

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5. Call Upon The Elements

When your inner energy lets you down, fall back on the outer resources to pull out something positive from your body. Surrender to the elements to get the energy flowing again. Stamp your feet and call upon the Earth. Moving your hips should help you to connect with water. Exaggerated movements should help you to call upon the element of fire. Invoke air by waving your hands over your head.

Once through, implore the energies to enter your body and fortify you, by boosting your immunity and reinforce your physical energy, and helping you stay rooted to the earth.

6. Rely On The Shamanic Sun Ritual

shamanic healing

The sun ritual is the surest way to get you through your anxieties and worries. It gets rid of all your fear and worries and passes it on to the sun, where it gets destroyed.

The sunset is the time to go for this practice. Invoke and implore to the sun to accept all your worries and fears, and destroy them. Pray that you wake up another day without the negative energies assailing you.

In conclusion, implement these methods and keep a steady mind and body through these times of uncertainty.



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