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The Power Of A Sound Bath: Get The First-Hand Experience Of A Sonic Soak

By Souls of Silver

We seldom have indulged in a sound bath though we might have heard of it. It is a novel and intriguing concept. People who have experienced it rave about it. It is a meditative experience that helps to make possible a deep condition of repose and rest that purges you from stress and heals your soul.

Sound bath transports us to a unique level away from the constant stress that makes a hell of your everyday life. It is worth the try as you emerge from it a transformed person.

It requires us to first cut ourselves out from the everyday world for the duration of the experience and to immerse completely in it.

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Discerning The Restorative Capabilities Of A Sound Bath

sound bath

People always experience something in their way. The same goes for meditation. Though there are variations, the usual requirements are tuning forks, singing bowls, gongs, and various other instruments that emit overtone. It acts upon the alpha plus theta waves that courses through the brain – stimulates them, and leads you to benefits.

Such waves are linked to deep, peaceful, and meditative states that robustly aid in the healing process. And these noises cause a downshift in the nervous system and tend to even slow your respiratory and heart rate. This eventually creates a beneficial and recuperative condition for both the body and the mind.

The bath acts upon every aspect of your body including blood circulation and your brain through enhanced cognitive skills. It helps the amnesiac get a sound sleep which leaves them calm and relaxed the next day.

The primary quality of this bath is its ability to calm you down. It slows you down from a hyperactive state after a stressful day to a state of trance.

Experiencing A Sound Bath

The uniqueness of this bath is that every person reacts uniquely to a particular sound and construes it differently. The gleaming and radiant tones are ethereal and take you to an elevated level. It is similar to the sounds of pure nature as every note takes over you. Combined with the divinity of a celestial voice, it makes the experience completely uplifting and delicate.

The unworldly experience also tilted emotions at a stage. It slowly takes control over your being and transports you to a certain point in the distant past. Slowly the sound takes over you and elevates you and takes you to a place devoid of time and space.

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A Trance Like State

The path where this leads to varies with the person experiencing it. It could lead even to a state of sleep for some. But that does not take away the experience of the sound bath.

Sound always can get through the layers of sleep that engulf you when you are in the deepest state of experiencing a bath.

sound bath

The experience of a sound bath when asleep will be muted as only some aspects of the experience gets through. The part of the brain that deals with motivation, memory, and emotions, are inactive when you fall asleep during a sound bath. This causes you to miss some part of the experience, and its great potential to benefit both the body and the soul. It completely alters your perspective of the surroundings and of life itself.

The result brings with it myriad feelings and sensations. The concluding part of the sound bath is to place your hands over your heart and lock eyes with someone. This leaves you cocooned in a warm, drowsy, and peaceful glow. It also makes you a little contemplative and sad. Sound baths thus act upon your stress and transpose you to a strange place.

The final part is to end the process, imbibe water and turn creative in a relaxed way; doing the things that are close to your heart.



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