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Holistic Healing- 8 Different Ways You Can Heal Yourself

Holistic healing is simply a very holistic view of a patient which tends to look at them through states of spiritual, emotional, and physical. Here are 8 different ways through which holistic healing can work. 

Holistic Healing Through Homeopathy

Homeopathy has always been one of the topmost forms of alternative therapy. This method tries to unite the many benefits of liquid medicine with the benefits that we get from treatment. There is also an attempt to rescue the health of the patient by using the stimulation of vital energy. Most individuals have an innate sense of self-healing- so homeopathy simply upgrades the internal system. 


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The Method of Acupuncture

Acupuncture has been quite an important therapy that is famous for decreasing the pain of the patient. This form of holistic healing also works on issues of energy. In the field of acupuncture, the needle helps in stimulating quite a few neurotransmitters better in the patient of the body. After a point, they end up releasing substances like micro opioids which work by stimulating the specific pathways of the organs.

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This therapeutic healing helps in harmonizing the basic integrities of the patient. The patient then sees through this healing process as the process takes care of every facet of them. This therapy is only brought out when the patient absolutely needs it- for the energy of this healing will reach various points in the body of the individual. The healing process of Reiki does most of the work on almost all cellular organisms. The energy of the good cells is used to work on the cells which are deceased- which further helps in the improvement of the body. 

Reiki is usually prescribed to people of any age. This Japanese technique is mostly used for negating stress while making one relaxed. You can also accomplish this by putting forth hands that would help in transmitting the vital energies of the Universe to the chakras. 

Holistic Healing Through Therapy Regression 

Memory regression has slowly taken on the mantle of being an extremely popular alternative therapy method. This is all about making the patient search for their memory for any single thing that could result in a disorder or illness. 


This alternative therapy involves applying pressure using hands and fingers at definite vital points. Meridians are the term for the points. This therapy is especially useful with problems like PMS symptoms, constipation, and muscle pain. 

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As the name goes, this therapeutic healing provides an aroma that treats emotional issues. The therapy uses the psychological powers of plant oils to control imbalances in emotions, along with stress relief. 

Holistic Healing Through Yoga

Holistic healing

The method of Yoga usually involves fitness, stretching, and several meditation exercises which definitely helps. It allows the individual to attain a life that is worth living. One can also take care of sleep quality by practicing yoga. 

Floral Medicine

Floral medicine as a holistic healing technique brings balance to an individual. Although it has met some skepticism, the essences are completely natural- including divisions for different emotional groups. 

Here are the 8 different holistic healing methods that would allow one to heal themselves. These are extremely cost-effective and guarantee a high ratio of success. 



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