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Adopt These 5 Reiki Principles To Impart An Ever-flowing Rhythm Into Your Life

By Souls Of Silver

We are all led by principles and they are the basic tenets on which we base our life. The creator of this spiritual practice, Mikao Usui, held Reiki Principles to be the secret to a contented life, that functions as medicines to our soul. This powerful ancient Japanese healing technique can seem intangible and mysterious but all that it requires is the discipline and desire to attune your mind and body to its energy and its life-altering properties.

The Reiki Principles are akin to purpose or assertion and are totally about being centered on the immediate. It is about the personification of the reiki force constantly and facing up to each day, one at a time.

The principles of Reiki are marked by their flexibility and do not show the right or the wrong means to integrate these systems of beliefs into our life.

Integrate These Five Basic Reiki Principles Into Your Life:

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1. Let Go Of Your Worries For The Day

Reiki Principles are a great aid to manage your worries and bring you down to earth when you reflect on the future. We let our imagination run riot and conjure up formidable scenarios that impede our existence in the present.

Delving into our faith and making a conscious effort to live off and for the present moment will bring about a sea change in both ourselves and shared awareness.

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2. Let This Day Be Without Anger

Anger is a part of the gamut of our emotions and we need to give vent to it at times. it is our way of expressing that something around us, or within the self, is not right. How we learn to deal with it is what defines us. Consciously try to search out the origin of what makes you angry. You are thus not trying to suppress a valid emotion, but instead delving into it to identify what sets it off within us. You thus allow your anger to burn itself out instead of letting it singe you.

3. Let Humility Be Your Constant Companion

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Our ego gets the better of us, especially when we accomplish something. This reiki principle nudges us to rein it in. If you find your ego being puffed up by accolades, remind yourself gently of the need to be humble and submit to the spirits.

4. Let Honesty Be Your Everyday Guiding Star

Being your true self can be extremely rewarding but is also the most difficult principle to live by. We are conditioned to follow the mob and not be ourselves. But at times you need to peel away from the pack and learn to be true to yourself.

So let the real you shine through instead of letting yourself be flown along with the tide. Each step will take you towards the distant goal that you set for yourself.

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5. Let Compassion, Both To Others And The Self, Be Your Everyday Guiding Principles

Compassion rules over anger and judgment. It is the basis of our morality. Learn to belong to one another and that will bring peace. The fifth of the reiki principles urges us to look at life, including the self, through the prism of compassion and love.

There are more variants of the principles. The first one is about the will each day to earn honestly. Money doesn’t define success. Every department of your life has to be thriving for your life to be a success.

Being grateful to our roots and expressing gratitude for all that we have been given is what characterizes principle. It is the simple joys of life that define our life, the sun streaming through the leaves, the trees swaying in rhythm to the gentle wind. Save your appreciation for the simple and basic things and these will give all that we ever require in our lives.



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