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5 Signs You’re In Need Of Emotional Healing

By Souls of Silver

Be it childhood trauma, abusive relationships, or other difficult experiences in life, we have experienced some kind of emotional trouble. People who suffer from such severe trauma often end up emotionally unavailable and turn into wounded souls. They may not express their emotions, but it lies under the surface, waiting to erupt. 

Emotional trauma not only affects you mentally but also physically. So how do you know if you suffer from any such trauma? Here are 5 signs that indicate you are in immediate need of emotional healing.

1. You lack trust and compassion

Those who have suffered from repeated emotional trauma stop trusting people. They lose all their compassion for fellow humans because they relate everyone else with the ones who caused them their trauma.

An emotionally healed person does not let their emotions control their life. When you start to heal, you understand people better. You start trusting them again and have compassion in your heart. If you lack compassion and end up causing trauma to others, you will never be able to break the chain. Let go of the negativity and focus on raising your vibrations with compassion and gratitude.

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2. You have lost your intuitive powers

On our darkest days, it is our intuition that guides us. It shows us the way through the worst of challenges. But if you are someone who has suffered emotional pain, and are in need of emotional healing, your intuitive powers won’t be as strong. You need to heal yourself in order to reconnect with your intuition.

Don’t let your past block your powers. Emotional healing allows you to mend those bridges and reconnect with your higher self. It is your higher self that works with your gut feelings to guide you on those days. Are you willing to walk through the challenges without the guidance of your intuitive powers?

3. You constantly overthink

If you spend your time constantly overthinking, it is a sign that you’re trying to distract yourself. You want to distract yourself from your reality. You don’t want to face those difficult emotions, and this makes you overthink about other things. This leads to unnecessary stress and anxiety. Together they end up affecting every aspect of your life. Emotional healing allows you to control your thoughts and stop you from overthinking.

4. You cannot let go

One of the reasons why you overthink is that you cannot let go of things. You hold onto your memories, thoughts, and beliefs that are of no use to you. You need to release those negative emotions. Otherwise, they will destroy you from within.

When you let go of your repressed negative feelings, you start to heal. You gain better control over your thoughts and feelings. The first step of letting go is accepting those negative emotions. Accept them and work with them. 

5. You feel depressed

Constant overthinking, stress, and anxiety, while not being able to trust others, will create a lonely bubble. When you stay in this bubble for too long, you start feeling hopeless and depressed. Once you can acknowledge your troubles, you will gain the upper hand. Stop being a puppet to your past emotions. You can get out of your depressed state if you face those emotions and start emotional healing. 

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How long will you suffer for your past? Is it not time yet to face those demons and start working on yourself? Let go of all the negativity and let emotional healing be your only goal now. Acknowledge all the positivity around you, focus on being grateful for them. Align your thoughts and actions with your heart, and you will win this battle!



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